Girls Who Rock: The Beti AllRide Clinic

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The Beti AllRide Clinic

The inaugural Beti AllRide Clinic proved to be a huge success, with 90 women participating and an all-star coaching line up. The masterminds behind this brilliant idea of an all-women gravity clinic are: Sarah Rawley from Mountain Grown Marketing, Team Yeti Beti, and Lindsey Voreis and the AllRide Tour. Participants were grouped and assigned to one of twelve coaches based on ability, riding experience, and specific skills notated on the surveys we filled out prior to the clinic.

As a participant myself, I wrote down that I would like to work on jumping and drops – so my coaches were Lauren Heitzman and Lindsay Yost, two talented coaches at Trestle Bike Park in Winter Park. These are two ladies who are not afraid to catching big air. The women in all groups went back to basics to learn the fundamentals the correct way. First we talked about what skill we were going to work on, then we got a demonstration by Lauren and/or Lindsay, and finally, we were off practicing our new skills on smaller features to progress to larger ones. Let me tell you, bad habits are hard to break! My body positioning was incorrect as I was leaning too far back, but as the day went on, I was trying my hardest to break my old muscle memory for the new, correct body position.

We split our time between jumps and drops, starting small before riding the lift up to tackle the trails in Keystone Bike Park. Once we were on the mountain, the coaches quickly reiterated what we practiced in the skills park, and how they can be used on natural features found on the trail. In tricky areas, we would stop and session and learn tips and tricks for getting though the section as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Mid-afternoon, we took the lift up to the top and enjoyed an amazing lunch filled with eggplant skewers, and three different tasty salads. During lunch, we had an inspirational guest speaker, Kyra Acuna, talk about Sport and Performance Psychology. How many times have you looked down a trail and said to yourself, oh I can’t do that! Then after lunch, it was back to skills work. It was great to follow the instructors down the mountain, trying to emulate their body movements and watching how they descended effortlessly.


Those who signed up for day two, were assigned the same instructors, however there was an option switch groups, if you felt the need. We started the day with stretching and just warming up our muscles, as most of us were a little sore from the day before. Our group tackled sections of Cowboy Up, starting with the fast drop-in of logs and rocks, down to the technical rock garden. It was great having a section of cheering women encouraging you as you rode the gnarly section of rock!


Both days were concluded by hydration, salty chip goodness, and a ton of raffle prizes from the Beti AllRide Clinic’s sponsors including Keystone Merchant Association, Keystone Resort, Yeti Cycles, POC, Stan’s NoTubes, Stages Cycling and more! For those that were on the fence this year about signing up for the Beti AllRide Clinic, I would highly recommend it—for any level, experience or years of riding. The coaches did a great job empowering women: by teaching skills, and giving them confidence that ladies can huck it, just like the guys!


The all-star coaching line-up included: Lindsey Voreis (lead coach), Alisha Gibson, Heather Irmiger, Julia Warwick, Julie Olsen, Katy Hanlon, Krista Park, Lauren Heitzman, Lindsay Yost, Tammy Donahugh, Wendy Palmer, and Dawn Weiker. Check out the website for addition information and registration for 2014.

Carrie Dittmer