Perfect for: Girls prone to getting greasy

Why I love them: They just get the job done easily

Some of the goo and gunk that we get caked with when working on our bikes is nigh impossible to get rid of without a heavy-duty lazer peel. We've all got our tricks — half a bar of Lava soap, oil, vinegar, pretending it's a tattoo. Cat's Tongue Towels not only beat your best trick, they do it easily, conveniently, on-the-go and with no mess.

Like a cat's tongue, the moistened cloths have directional fibers that pick up extra grime when used against the grain on one side. The other is a soft side for less-aggressive uses, but neither side is unpleasantly rough. After the first use, I decided they were a necessary addition to my tool kit.

I've got stacks of bike-cleaning towels, but these wiped away effortlessly the chain stay stain that I'd given up on. Worst-case Cat. 5 tattoos take three swipes of the rough side before they're gone, just as shown in the promotional video

“The idea for the Cat’s Tongue product was born from a comical event involving grease from a flat tire fix on our first date,” recounted owner Tom LeBlanc. “I know you’re probably clamoring for the juicy details, but suffice to say, one should never attempt a first kiss without checking to see if one’s hands are clean!”

The individually-wrapped packets are a simple addition to a saddle bag and I've been relieved I packed one on more than one roadside occasion.

A three-pack of individually-wrapped towels costs $4.47 and a 30-pack canister goes for $9.99. ProGold Pro Towels are strikingly similar products — one heavily-textured side, one lightly-textured side, citrus scent, Aloe Vera, bright color — and run essentially the equivalent price at $30 for a canister of 90, although Cat's Tongue Towels claim that 25% of profits go directly towards cancer research and treatment.

Emily Zinn — Boulder, CO