This week, Women Bike is swelling a Women Mean Business summary during Interbike, a biggest bike attention eventuality of a year. Not usually does author (and Women Bike Advisory Board member) Elly Blue know a thing or dual about a intersection of gender and cycling, though she’s also an consultant when it comes to a economic impact of bicycling. So what’s her take on how retailers and manufacturers can boost womanlike ridership? Here’s 5 tips for a attention from a author of a stirring book, Bikenomics

How can a bike attention assistance some-more women get biking?

Women wish to bike — there’s no doubt about that. As a League’s new Women Bike report shows:

  • 82% of American women have a certain perspective of bicyclists
  • Though group are adopting travel cycling faster than women, in terms of perfect numbers of butts on bike, women’s appearance is flourishing faster, rising by 20% from 2003 to 2012
  • Women are a new majority: 60 percent of bicycle owners aged 17-28 years aged are women

But, like everybody else, women mostly knowledge barriers to bicycling. To put it in a some-more certain way, there are needs we mostly need to perform in sequence to be means to bike as most as we want. Some of these needs are opposite than men’s since of earthy factors, others since of amicable factors. Many of these needs are a same as those gifted by many men, though we speak about them differently. Just like men, not all women have a same needs, wants, and bicycling dreams. 

Here are some manners of ride for a bike attention as it strives to know how to marketplace to 51% of a population. 

Not all women are alike!

Some of us wish to bike solemnly on distant infrastructure with a kids and a groceries while wearing skirts, heels, and mixed belts. Some of us are speed demons on a goal and wish a top peculiarity opening wear that will make us demeanour and feel as dangerously quick as we are. Some of us are moms in heels who wish racing opening wear. Some of us bristle during pinkish jerseys and bikes with flowers on them; some of us energetically snap those up. Ditto with select or voluptuous garments and marketing. Ditto with racing kits. Ditto with beach cruisers. We’re usually like group in that we can’t greatfully us all, and you’ll demeanour stupid if we try. Understand your marketplace shred by honing in on demographic information over a elementary difficulty of “women.” Your bottom line will appreciate you.

Forget gender—look during how we use a bikes

Bicycling habits and needs infrequently tumble along gender lines, though they don’t always do so; and infrequently a approach we bike is tangible in partial by what bikes and rigging are accessible to us. Here are some marketplace segments to cruise instead of a sleepy aged “normal” and “women’s” categories that we’re used to saying in a bike industry: Fashionistas, determined speedsters, pub crawlers, parents, professionals, operative category commuters, open movement users, prolonged stretch cycle tourists, and people who are essentially endangered about their heart health. There’s not a singular one of those categories that is done adult of wholly women or wholly men; and people in all of these categories are looking to deposit in bikes, gear, and accessories. 

Examine your assumptions

When building products for women, or reckoning out how to improved offer or attract womanlike customers, it’s a good thought to be hyper-aware of a assumptions and attitudes we might subconsciously be bringing to a table—there are consultants and trainers in informative attraction that will assistance we and your staff inspect these dark assumptions. Also cruise who is on your staff, who is in management, who is on a board—and who’s missing? This arrange of self-examination will assistance we equivocate costly mistakes like charity usually “women’s fit” bikes to women in a segregated territory of your store, or meditative that what women unequivocally wish is involuntary shifting, sex kitten outfits, or to never have to work on a bikes. 

Size matters

Women are not all small, usually as group are not all tall. But women in a US are on normal shorter than men. Bikes sole in a US are on normal not sized to fit women of normal or below-average height. Simply not being means to find a bike that fits—or roving bikes that are painfully ill-fitted—is such a common censure among women riders that it’s roughly funny. “Women’s fit” bikes are a start, though how about forgetful gender here as good and charity a operation of sizes that’s marketed simply to people who are that size? The universe of brief people will breathe a good whine of relief, and give we all their dollars. Likewise, greatfully make plus-sized women’s technical apparel. Then do some intelligent media display off what a colonize your association is, and make bank. Thank we and you’re welcome.

Be straightforward

To be honest, it’s a small too shortly and a sexism a lot of women knowledge from a bike attention is still a small too raw. Sorry, though it isn’t a good time for you, a bike company, to be joking about it usually yet. Unless we are run by women and branded from a commencement around addressing sexism in a humorous way, take a step behind and listen to a jokes women make instead of creation them yourselves. Identify a problem, acknowledge it honestly, do your best to residence it, and request a whole thing in a good natured, straightforward, and open manner. Sure, have fun with it — though leave a humorous references to gender stereotypes alone until you’re certain a fun won’t be on you. Just give us some bike things we can use, already. No humorous business needed.

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