Steven Krauza has been an zealous cyclist for a few years, though this summer he rode for 24 hours true — roving some-more than 300 miles to lift income for charity.

The Erie, Pa., formed supplement also has a incomparable goal: make his county a healthiest in Pennsylvania by 2025. We’re all about goals here during a National Bike Challenge, so we were blissful to locate adult with Steven about his tremendously prolonged float and more!

How did we get concerned in the Challenge?

I recently became wakeful of a Challenge by a internal bike advocacy classification called Bike Erie. They told me about a Challenge and to record my miles to work towards a bigger goal.  

What desirous we to join?  

I have put over 8,000 miles on my bicycle given Jan 1, 2011.  I have a idea for my county to be a No. 1 healthiest county in Pennsylvania by 2025.  By fasten this Challenge, it binds me accountable, only like we reason others accountable.

What’s your idea for a assemblage of a Challenge?

So far, given Jun 1, we have put 1,600 miles on my bike.  I am looking to tighten out a finish of a month with 2,000 miles total.

You recently took a 24-hour float — what was that like?

Riding 300 miles in a 24-hour time camber is an extraordinary plea in and of itself.  It was some-more of a mental plea than physical. we battled lightning and sleet many of a night, though we never became disheartened.  I kept my conduct down and pedaled by a elements.

I chose to do a 24-hour float during Presque Isle State Park in Erie, Pa.  The reason being is it is a looped march and a park closes after dark.  It was critical for me to minimize risks and a risk of roving a bike during a center of a night is high when deliberation traffic.  

Presque Isle State Park is indeed a peninsula on Lake Erie.  The alley by a park is a 13-mile loop.  It is a prosaic course, as well.  Part of a mental plea was roving around this state park for 24 hours and saying a same things over and over again.  The routine of roving a same 13-mile loop for 24 hours was a satisfactory trade-off deliberation we wouldn’t have to understanding with trade after dark.

I attempted this float in Sep 2012 to lift income for Cystic Fibrosis Foundation.  I managed 286 miles on my initial attempt, though we wasn’t confident descending 14 miles bashful of my idea of 300.  So, on Jul 19, 2013, we set onward to strech my 300-mile goal.  I started during 7 p.m. so we would be vigourously clever by a night hours and once a illumination returned (and trade within a state park) I’d be energized as a miles rolled on.  I had a good support group with me afterwards whole time.  They helped mangle adult a routine by roving along side me.  (One of a guys we rode with rode 230 miles, while several others achieved their initial century!)

We dealt with rain, wind, and lightning many of a night.  It was troublesome with a conduct winds we were traffic with, though never once did we consider of giving up.  My mind was set on 300 miles.

At approximately 5:45pm on Saturday, Jul 20, we reached my 300th mile.  When it was all pronounced and done, we amassed 306 miles on a bicycle.  I never slept.  My longest mangle was 30 minutes.  I took a integrate 20 notation breaks via a 24 hours, though eventually spent 19 hours and 42 mins on a saddle. Would we do it again?  Never contend never.

What kind of bike do we ride?

I have dual bikes, one work equine and a other for rides.  My initial bike is a Trek 1.2.  I’ve had it for years and has been on several century rides with me.  Last year we got a Trek Madone 3.1.  This is a bike we did my initial and second double century on as good as a new triple century.

What do we adore many about bicycling?

I adore a leisure of being on a bicycle.  It is good meditative time.  I demeanour during roving a bike a same approach others might perspective meditation.  I feel some-more centered, relaxed, and during assent after I’ve been on a bike.

We’re impending a finish of a Challenge! Make certain we record those final miles as we get closer to the 20 million mile goal!