I was really excited about the Point 2 Point. Since moving up to Park City in January, this race is like a huge singletrack binge in my backyard, which happen to be some of my favorite trails ever. But it is a monster race – 73 miles with 14,000ft of climbing. And almost all singletrack. It is a beast. I was definitely a little afraid of it. I had a decent race here two years ago. But I have missed it for the last two years, first with a broken collarbone and last year with my Mono/ hit-by-a-car twosome. As a result, it was also the biggest most hurty single-day race I had done for a couple of years. And it scared me a little.

Since getting back from Vermont and Quebec a couple of weeks, there wasn’t much downtime. I ended up making another last minute trip back east for some family stuff. When I got back on my bike, I found that my legs were pretty cooked. All the plane time had me fighting something off for the two weeks leading up to the race and downing Vitamin C and whatever immune supporting products I could get my hands on. I had this hope and feeling that my body would pull itself together and make it happen on race day. Because I have experienced that before. And I also knew that with a race as long and burly as the P2P I might be able to have a decent ride even without the sparkliest legs – sometimes riding smooth, being tough and a little course knowledge can go a long way.

So when I had no legs in the opening miles of Round Valley, I didn’t really freak out. But when my belly turned sour and got angry on Lost Prospector and the trails leading over to Deer Valley, I got worried. And when I had to pull over for, um, let’s just say a very urgent trailside bathroom stop, I knew it was going to be a long day.

And that is pretty much how it went.  I also took a brief detour off course, which was totally ridiculous as this is my backyard and there was no reason for me to not know the course backwards and forwards. I had a few more emergency trailside bathroom breaks and I got super pro at finding *somewhat* private spots and getting out of the jersey and bibs pretty quick. Though these are skills I wasn’t really looking to develop on this particular day…

Bathroom breaks and sluggish legs aside, the rest of the race was pretty straightforward. My bike was perfect and the dirt and trails were amazing! Big thank you to Jay Burke and the volunteers who put on a crazy fun and well-run event. I was happy to sneak onto the podium in 5th place when it was all over.

Photo credit: Jennie Wade

Photo credit: Jennie Wade

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