Our new Women Bike “Women on a Roll” news is doing accurately what we’d hoped: It’s removing people talking.

Blogger Lady Fleur recently wrote a five-part series violation down a report’s “Five Cs”, observant her possess personal practice as they associated to a contribution and figures.  We desired a series, “Five Things we Knew About Women Bikes… But was fearful to write about before we had information to behind me up,” so we’re pity some of a favorite sections from it. 

Part 1: Comfort

Although my friends and we will float on a shoulder of highways with 45+ mph trade like Highway 1 along a California coast, we equivocate it if there’s any alternative. It’s loyal for travelling too, where time is some-more critical. When we float a whole approach to work we have 3 options: 11 miles on a shoulder of a 45 mph expressway, 12 miles on 35 mph 4-lane bureau park arterial roads with bike lanes or 14 miles where half is on arterials and half on off-road bike paths. Guess that one we choose.

…Having usually manly cyclists import in on bicycle infrastructure can askance it toward designs that fewer women will choose. In particular, a preferences of “vehicular cyclists” who trust bikes should be “driven” like cars in customary transport lanes instead of ridden in bike lanes are distant reduction appealing to women. Given that 94% of women cite distant bike lanes, I’d contend that people who quarrel opposite them are being unintentionally sexist.

Is it that women are too shaken to learn to float in automobile traffic? Nope. Over half of a participants in classes offering by a San Francisco Bicycle Coalition are women. My take: women are peaceful to learn to float quietly and safely, though they’d rather not have to float in quick trade that doesn’t cruise they go there.” Read a full post here.

Part 2: Convenience

If we couldn’t lift things on my bike solely what we could fit in a follower bag we wouldn’t be a daily cyclist. Period… Bikes we find during many shops don’t come with racks or baskets and putting them on anything solely a furloughed bike or cruiser is discouraged. When we bought my ’97 Lemond Tourmalet a male during a emporium prosaic out told me “you can’t put a shelve on this bike” when we asked about it. Six years after we did it anyway and it works and looks great.

And that’s for me, a lady who’s not a mom with kids to take to day care, to school, to soccer or dance or to a doctor. How easy is it for mothers to find correct apparatus locally? Are these places tighten adequate to home or work to have time to zip between them, generally if they were creatively selected formed on pushing times?” Read a full post here.

Part 3: Consumer Products

I unequivocally should adore bike shops. They’re filled with pleasing bikes (which we love) and large fellas (including a one we married). But with a few important exceptions we don’t have many in common with emporium staff, and we don’t design them to know what we wish or need. Probably since 95% of them are group and a few women who work in shops mostly have some-more in common with a guys than with me.

…While it’s good that we now have some-more bikes and jerseys designed to fit women better, it means women are treated as a niche market. The large bike brands have women’s sections on their web sites, though women frequency make a home page solely in images labeled “women’s products” that lead to a women’s section. That’s improved than being ignored, though it says that women aren’t mainstream cyclists.

The outcome is that a cycling is tangible by manly values of roving harder, faster and longer. So we get stories and images of sweat, dirt, and suffering, and slogans like ‘too tough to die’instead of a some-more zodiacally appealing “the journey starts here.” That’s frequency a approach to attract new womanlike riders to a sport, nor to sell new bikes and apparatus to a existent riders.” Read a full post here.

Part 4: Confidence

“Not everybody who loves roving bikes loves operative on them. In particular, I’ve found that many women learn a smallest to get by and let a pro mechanics hoop a rest. Why shouldn’t they? Most drivers don’t change prosaic tires, they call for roadside assistance. But bicycling isn’t mainstream like driving, and people who aren’t meddlesome in operative on bikes mostly don’t feel like genuine cyclists. And that’s a lot of women.” Read a full post here.

Part 5: Community

“Every vital enrichment in power or ability in bicycling I’ve done is a approach outcome from roving with friends, mostly women. Peer vigour is an extraordinary thing. It started when my girlfriends and we challenged ourselves to float 33 rolling miles in a Tour de Peninsula on my initial adult bicycle, a entirely firm hardtail towering bike… 

I’m not observant that roving with group can’t enthuse women to go over or float harder, though it’s a lot easier for women to contend to themselves: ‘it’s easy for them, they’re stronger, some-more experienced, some-more daring” or whatever. But when we see someone we cruise your counterpart conquer a plea it says “if she can do it, afterwards we can.’ ” Read a full post here.


Writing this array was some-more emotionally formidable than we expected….  I was satirical my tongue since we knew that people would plea my statements: “I’m a lady and we like repair bikes” or “I’m a male and we cite stable bike lanes too.” That’s because we indispensable a consult to infer that there are indeed demographic differences that might not fit your personal experience.

I also knew that criticizing a “faster, longer, harder” sport-driven importance of cycling would plea people who are gentle with cycling remaining an activity for an chosen multiply of rider. Real cyclists have a strength to stand 10% grades, a ability to transparent stone gardens, a continuation to invert 15+ miles to work one way, and a bravery to combine opposite high-speed traffic. Those who can’t are speedy to learn some skills and try harder. Those who don’t wish to are relegated to amateur status, even if they’ve been roving for decades.

Because of this informative bias, we felt compelled to uncover my credit as a learned supplement and former racer when essay this series. It bothers me that we felt we had to do that to be taken seriously.

This array is complete, though we oath to keep essay now and afterwards about women and bicycling. we already have one partially created about all a high-end towering bike emporium does to win women’s loyalty, and another about all a competition organizer did to divide amateur racers. As we said, I’ve been satirical my tongue.”

(All photos pleasantness of Lady Fluer)