“Great place to float a bike” might not be a initial suspicion that comes into your conduct when we cruise of Houston, Texas.

But what if we told we that Houston has pioneered an online bicycling preparation module –- essentially for a advantage of educating city staff –- and that there are monthly in-person Smart Cycling classes and during slightest 1 League Cycling Instructor acceptance convention each year in a Houston area.  

On tip of that, Houston has some of a largest organisation rides in a country, not a slightest of that is a 14,000-rider BP MS Houston to Austin Ride; a tiny though flourishing bikeshare system; 500 miles of trails along an endless Bayou network;  and a city boasts a velodrome, BMX park, 18 miles of singletrack, a towering bike park and a cyclocross course.  

It’s loyal that a on-street network in Houston isn’t scarcely as endless as flourishing systems in Chicago, New York or Los Angeles – though a joining to change that is clear: can your village compare a $166 million bond emanate ($100 million only for a 150-mile Bayou Greenway project), $15 million TIGER extend and $30 million in additional extend appropriation that’s dedicated to route and park projects?

That’s because a City is being famous with a bronze-level Bicycle Friendly Community endowment by a League this month.

Of course, Houston is a large boat to spin and for decades it’s been a print child for violent suburban expansion and a car-centric travel system. Well, maybe Houston is starting to make that turn. Houston Mayor Annise Parker earlier this month announced a Complete Streets policy for a city, saying,  “As we work to build a healthier community, it is some-more critical than ever to re-imagine a proceed to streets, sidewalks, walking crossings, open transit, bike trails and lanes,” 

 Advocates, reflecting on a BFC award, told me it has been a loyal group bid to make biking improved in Houston, involving internal advocates, city staff, bike retailers, inaugurated officials and a business community.

“The Bicycle Friendly Communities Bronze Award reflects a swell that Houston has done in improving conditions for people who float bikes, underneath a care of Mayor Annise Parker and a city council, State Senator Rodney Ellis, city staff, MPO staff and advocates,” said Robin Stallings, Executive Director of BikeTexas. “From a top-notch adult preparation efforts that are formed on LAB’s Traffic Skills 101 and the BikeTexas SafeCyclist program in a internal propagandize system, to a lagoon route complement that will be stretched even serve with a new $150 million route bond package, it’s transparent that Houston is on a approach to a some-more offset travel system.”

Take another demeanour during Houston and check your pre-conceptions during a door.  Ask yourself either YOUR village is doing what it takes to get Bronze (or to your subsequent level) – improved still, ask your Mayor and inaugurated officials if we are doing what it takes, and tell them Houston is doing only that.

To learn some-more about a latest turn of Bicycle Friendly Communities, click here. Interested in creation biking improved in your community? Make your voice heard, and cruise holding a brief consult here!

(Photo credits: Dan Raine, City of Houston (top right); Robin Stallings of BikeTexas (center)