Newport, R.I., has “returned to a roots” as a heart for bicycling.  The hearth of a League behind in a late 1800s, Newport was named a Bronze-level Bicycle Friendly Community yesterday. Newport is also now a initial BFC in Rhode Island, flourishing a network of BFCs to 48 states.

“No doubt a ‘City By The Sea’ is best enjoyed and appreciated adult tighten and personal – out of a automobile and into a saddle!” pronounced Bari George, Executive Director of Bike Newport. “Thanks to a dedicated partnership of a city’s stakeholders, and a blessing of a City Council, we’re on a highway to ‘more and better’ bicycling. It’s an sparkling float –- and we’ve usually only begun. We could not be some-more unapproachable to see a hearth of a League fasten a Bicycle Friendly America movement.”  

Because Newport binds such a special place in a history, we motionless to demeanour behind during Bike Newport’s query for a BFC designation. The story, created by Stephen Miller, seemed in a March/April emanate of American Bicyclist. Congratulations to Newport!


Stepping adult to History

The hearth of a League aims to turn Rhode Island’s initial BFC

After relocating to Newport, Rhode Island, in 2009, Bari George quick found that this ancestral coastal city, during a tip of an island about a same length as Manhattan, also has adequate summer trade to opposition a Big Apple. While tourists clogged a streets, she detected bicycling as a easiest approach to get around. Looking for a pursuit in her margin of non-profit communications during a recession, George began roving her bike to village meetings to get to know her new hometown.

“I was only sitting in a behind of a room and knitting,” she said. But a wheels of bicycle advocacy had started churning. Within a year, that needlework incited into action. That transformation incited into Bike Newport. And Bike Newport is now heading a approach to make a coastal city a state’s initial Bicycle Friendly Community.

For Newport, apropos a BFC has special meaning. For this Rhode Island community, bicycle advocacy is a lapse to a roots. The inhabitant bicycle advocacy transformation was innate here, with a initial assembly of a League of American Wheelmen in May 1880. At that initial gathering, owner Charles Pratt rallied a ranks of an classification that, some-more than 100 years later, would emanate a Bicycle Friendly America program.

“We are banded together for compelling good wheelmanship, for fortifying a rights of American wheelmen, and for a support of touring,” Pratt said. “We are entitled to a payoff of roving in a parks or open highways of a United States as most as a owners of other carriages, and we will not rest until we and a hermit wheelmen have a leisure of transport on a choice of wheels anywhere from Penobscot Bay to a Golden Gate.”

When George started roving on dual wheels, there was no heart of internal advocacy. Although internal leaders were wakeful that a city indispensable to turn some-more bike-friendly, there was no concurrent bid — so George connected with others already operative on a issue. Tina Dolen, during a island’s formulation commission, was putting together a bike trail proposal. Steve Heath and his students during a high propagandize in a city’s north finish were formulating a bike correct and roving curriculum. Deanna Casey, from AARP, worked for Newport’s city legislature to be a initial to support a statewide Complete Streets bill. Along with others from all over a city — ancestral preservationists, sanatorium administrators and bland bike riders — they came together in 2010 to form Bike Newport.

The city has already taken many tiny stairs on a highway to apropos a Bicycle Friendly Community. In May 2011, Bike Newport orderly a city’s initial Bike to Work Day, compelling a eventuality with posters featuring obvious locals on bikes. After months of preparation, it launched with a crash by divulgence a formula of a consult of a city’s open propagandize students, announcing a plan to partner with internal businesses to implement bike racks and handing out copies of a city’s initial bike map.

Later, Bike Newport built bike racks for jazz, folk and sailing festivals hold during a ancestral installation a few miles from city — and embellished proxy highway markings to beam a way. “Every day it kept increasing,” George said, with volunteers counting adult to 600 bikes per day. “It was like Copenhagen, with bicycles all over a place.”

As Bike Newport was creation large strides, a remarkable deaths of dual gifted bicyclists shook a village and frightened many divided from riding. In response, Bike Newport lerned 12 new League Cycling Instructors and began charity giveaway classes to all island residents. “What this unequivocally is about is training motorists and cyclists what it means to share a road,” George said. These efforts were rewarded with a plea extend from a internal substructure to support a classification as it became a non-profit, with George as a full-time staffer.

Despite a quick progress, Bike Newport is only removing started. A vital idea is to build a bike trail together to a traveller tyrannise using adult a island’s scenic western shore. In further to being a traveller draw, a trail will bond a city’s lower-income north finish with a ancestral center.

“In an ideal world, we would like to see as many people on their bicycles and out of their automobiles as possible,” pronounced Mayor Henry F. Winthrop, who is operative with a city manager and Bike Newport on a city’s BFC application. In an relate of Charles Pratt, he added, “Bicyclists have as most right to be there as any vehicle.”