Emily Zinn

This year most domestic cyclocross races haven't had that bitter cold and mucky mess characteristic of cyclocross, but hopefully that will change soon. These are some of the items that cyclocross racers may not have in their arsenal, but that I consider absolutely necessary to survive those nasty days. 

Stuffits Sport >> $15

A couple years ago, my roommate at Interbike left a sample of these in the bedroom and I took them home, thinking they were a bit silly but I'd give them a shot. They have now saved me from dozens of rides where I would have had to ride in wet, cold, stinky shoes.


I was genuinely amazed at how well they work. They are particularly useful when I wash my waterproof Sidi Diablo GTX Gore-Tex boots, which keep my feet absolutely free from the elements but hold in moisture and stink. Stuffits dry them out before morning and keep them from getting nasty. Anyone running around in gross mud and washing cycling shoes multiple times a week definitely should not be without a pair.