Vincero Design Stratus20 magnetic bottle and Edge16 Mount >> $11 Stratus20 Bottle; $39 Edge16 Mount

Showing up for a race with a bottle cage on your 'cross bike is a major faux pas, but training in the fall and winter months, my pocket real estate is always occupied with emergency layers, leaving no space for a bottle. Vincero Design has allowed me to keep a bottle on my bike between races without having to constantly install and remove a cage, but still allowing me to shoulder a bike and preserve my dignity.


The magnet doesn't take up any space in the front triangle, so I can comfortably shoulder with it installed. Plus, my bottles are securely attached, and I'm happy to add the mere 16 grams that it weighs. Putting the bottle on the bike is even simpler than with a normal bottle cage — I can pretty casually toss it in the direction of the seat tube and trust that it will stick.