November 05, 2013

Michael Andersen, Green Lane Project staff writer

There’s no program quite like the Green Lane Project. Instead of offering money to your city (well, not much money) we’re offering inspiration.

Not to mention knowhow, camaraderie and guided study tours of the world’s best bike facilities.

“Therapy, grad school and summer camp all wrapped up in one delicious pastry,” is how Seleta Reynolds, livable streets section manager for the City of San Francisco, described it.

The results can be powerful. In the last two years, 43 percent of the protected bike lanes built in the country were in our first six focus cities.

The application process for the Green Lane Project is unique, too. It requires a demonstration not just of the benefits of the great bike projects you want to do, but of a demonstration that your city has the ingredients necessary to — with the right burst of energy Green Lane Project membership can help create — get them done.

You don’t have to be the bike-friendliest city in the country to have a strong application; just ask Memphis, which has used its participation in the Green Lane Project to redefine what’s possible in the Mississippi Delta.

In order to help cities make the strongest possible applications, we’re offering a set of free webinars for city officials, business and transportation advocates or anyone else interested in learning about the process and the benefits:

You can also sign up for weekly Green Lane Project news to get notifications on future webinar dates and times.

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