Because we’re all a little hardcore sometimes

My inspiration for this one was pretty simple: Riding a bike reduces stress. It is much more pleasant to ride a bike than it is to drive a car or take some other form of transportation. Even on more stressful rides, I sometimes feel as though nothing can shake my good mood as long as I’m pedaling away. And riding a bike forces you to stay in the present moment, too. While pedaling, you’re disconnected from the internet and your phone (well, you’re supposed to be anyway). You go slower and have more time to appreciate the scenery, if you aren’t being harassed by anyone else on the road. Or most simply, you aremoving your body because if you don’t, you stop moving.


So this is my way of trying to capture that. How, sometimes when I am pedaling myself around, it feels like I have activated a force field that keeps happiness in, and stress out.


Echo Rivera – Chicago, IL

Echo is completing a Ph.D in community psychology and her work consists of conducting research that addresses gender-based violence. She started cycling in 2010 as part of a quest for better health. She quickly realized that she hated exercise, but loved the feeling of exploring the town by bike. Every ride was an adventure, full of possibilities and spontaneity. 

It didn’t take long for her to become passionate about cycling and her dream is to tour the country with her partner and Australian cattle dog. Until then, you can find Echo riding her whimsical blue road bicycle on the streets of Chicago or her tough orange mountain bike on the trails. Although a non-competitive cyclist herself, she enjoys screaming and ringing a cowbell to cheer on her cyclocross-racing partner.

Her comic, Life with a Hardcore Cyclist, pokes fun at the ‘bike life,’ and is founded on the idea that anyone can be a ‘hardcore cyclist’ regardless of gender, race, income, weight, or reason for cycling. Echo can also be found on twitter: @echointhecity and on her 

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