Washington, D.C. – Nov 14, 2013 - Like football and basketball, there’s new foe during a tip among California colleges. 

Today, a League of American Bicyclists announced a nomination of 17 new Bicycle Friendly Universities, including only a second Platinum-level BFU in a country: The University of California-Davis. Now, Stanford isn’t alone during a tip of a BFU podium.

Shining on all fronts, a City of Davis became a Platinum-level Bicycle Friendly Community in 2005 and a University also became a Platinum-level Bicycle Friendly Business progressing this year. 

With this latest turn of applications and awards, a module has stretched to a sum of 75 colleges in 32 states and Washington, D.C.

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(Photo: University of California, Davis)

“As a Bicycle Friendly University module grows, a guarantee for a some-more Bicycle Friendly America does, too,” pronounced Andy Clarke, President of a League of American Bicyclists. “Colleges and universities propel a leaders of a future, and some-more and some-more of those students are selecting bicycles as their travel choice of choice. We praise universities like Bowdoin College; University of California, Davis; and a University of Montana, who are heading a approach to a healthier, some-more tolerable future.”

UC Davis’s Bicycle Education and Enforcement Program is a pioneering bid that provides simple bike reserve preparation to a wider campus community. 

 “We are ecstatic to accept this approval from a League. It’s been a ‘double Platinum’ year for UC Davis, carrying initial perceived a League’s tip endowment as a Bicycle Friendly Business in Apr and now this,” pronounced Cliff Contreras, Director of UC Davis’s Transportation and Parking Services. “We’ve worked tough for decades to inspire tolerable travelling modes to a campus, and this confirmation by a League shows that we have been on a right track.”

“I’m unapproachable to be partial of a campus-wide group that has warranted this approval by many years of doing a best to foster bicycle commuting,” pronounced David Takemoto-Weerts, UC Davis’s Bicycle Program Coordinator. “With a bike mode share entrance 50 percent, upwards of 20,000 bikes on campus during rise use days, and ever-improving infrastructure and reserve programs, we wish to continue to offer as a indication for other colleges and universities operative to boost a profitable use of bikes for daily transportation.”

The University of Montana, a new Gold-level BFU, has built an endless riverfront route system, providing an engineering indication for other campuses.

“The University of Montana, The Associated Students of The University of Montana and a city of Missoula have all worked tough to make safe, thorough connectors for bicyclists and pedestrians — it is truly profitable off,” pronounced Nancy Wilson, Director of a Associated Students of a University of Montana’s Office of Transportation. “The automotive trade around campus has been significantly reduced creation this a healthier campus and creation Missoula a fun and healthy place to live!”

Bowdoin College (pictured during right), a new Silver-level BFU, is horde to a flourishing bicycle pity program, enlivening campus village members to get around by bike. 

“Bowdoin is vehement to be famous by a League of American Bicyclists for a work we have finished to foster bicycling on campus,” pronounced Keisha Payson, Bowdoin College’s Sustainability Coordinator. “Our compress campus in downtown Brunswick, Maine, encourages both employees and students to invert by bicycle.  Bowdoin’s strong bicycle pity program, with some-more than 75 members and growing, and plenty bike parking via campus, have significantly towering a bicycling enlightenment here.  We demeanour brazen to stability a concentration on bicycle reserve and expanding a campus bicycle infrastructure in a entrance year.”

 The BFU module provides a roadmap and technical assistance to emanate good campuses for cycling. To request or learn more, revisit www.bikeleague.org/university