October 29, 2013

Adam + Lauren Finck, PFB Crew West

It’s important to stop and smell the roses…or stop and ride your bike!

Most journeys in life must come to an end at some point. As for us, our adventure as the PeopleForBikes Crew West has rapidly come to a conclusion. Any attempt to put into words what we have been able to take away from the experience will prove to be insufficient. But, what words can do is give a small glimpse into the vast amounts of experiences we have had with a life on the road.

To set it straight, our “job” has been to generate support for better biking across the country. What we ended up doing was creating relationships with people from all across the U.S. in hopes of rallying around the joy that riding your bike can bring. We started conversations that may not have happened otherwis. We wanted to give people a perspective on riding their bike that they may not have seen before and, as a result, generate their support for better biking.

While creating new relationships was a huge part of what we did on our adventure, we also used it as a time that we could develop existing ones. When we started, we had been married for only a few months and felt like this would be fantastic opportunity to go on an adventure together for the first time as Mr. and Mrs. Finck. What an adventure it was! We have learned more about each other in eight months than we ever could have in a “normal” setting. It’s not very often you get to spend every single second (literally) with each other for several months. Sure, it was tough at times, but it’s such a blessing to go back to normal life as a stronger, wiser couple.

Perks of the job: seeing natural wonders like the Grand Canyon

Naturally, when traveling across the country, you get to see some pretty amazing things. Every single one seemed to put things into perspective. The Grand Canyon is so massive that even seeing it for ourselves didn’t equate to its true wonder. Spending the night on a beach with nothing but the ocean waves making a sound, I never in a million years could have thought I would get to experience it. And the redwoods. Those massive, ancient trees. If only they could speak of the things they have seen in the hundreds of years that came and went. There is something so humbling and spiritual about them. Something wise. Something truly amazing.

All in all, this journey has taught us that relationships and experiences are far more valuable than any “thing” on this world. Creating memories with the ones you love far outweighs any high-paying career, any new toy, or any selfish ambition we may have. Our experience here at PFB has been amazing and it’s really a blessing to have the chance to travel around spreading some of that super contagious bike love.

So may all your bike rides be awesome. May they be safe and fun. Here’s to the next chapter and we appreciate you all for following along on our journey all over the west coast!

Thanks for everything, Adam and Lauren. We’ll miss you!

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