November 21, 2013

Michael Andersen, Green Lane Project staff writer

The newly redesigned Guadalupe Street in Austin.

If you needed any more proof that transportation equity was the hottest topic in the U.S. bike world right now, it came during the Green Lane Project’s live Twitter conversation yesterday with bike experts from around the world.

Equity came up third in a one-hour, five-question Twitter conversation hosted by The Grid, a blog that serves urban planning and design professionals. Advocates really jumped in when the question of serving underserved communities — or, on the other hand, accelerating urban displacement — came up.

Here’s a selection of 85 tweets from the fruitful exchange, including some interesting back-and-forths. Each participant was asked to identify the question they were answering by starting their tweet with A1, A2, and so forth and including the hashtag #thegrid.

(Click “next page” in the timeline above to advance through the full set.)

By the end, our discussion featured The Grid’s director, @GlobalSitePlans; urban design consultant @copenhagenize; bike-lifestyle magazine @MomentumMag; Oakland-based bike advocacy group @EBBC; bike-walk advocacy group @DetroitGreenway; livable streets advocate @bikepeacenyc; Calgary bike shop @BikeBikeYYC; environmental studies and sociology professor @smzavestoski; walkability advocate @toastforbrekkie; urban studies student @r_hunt; and Global Site Plans writer @aevictoratou. Thanks very much to all who read or took part.

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