What could be more fun than playing a biking game? (Aside from actually riding a bike that is)

It didn’t take long to dive in to the The Biking Game. The board and rules are simple, reminiscent of many other board games. The challenges are easy and it doesn’t take a lot of strategy to play the game. But what The Biking Game does offer is education about bicycles.

In order to incorporate many age and knowledge levels, to start the game each player is given a ranking, level 1 through 4, based on their ability to answer biking questions. The game commences with choosing from the eight bicycle game pieces and the first player rolling the die. The fun begins when a player lands on a yellow circle and is required to answer a trivia question based on their level of play.

Level one will have riders answering questions like “what is your favorite color bicycle?” or “My favorite time on my bike with my family was…”, easy enough for the suggested beginner age of four.  Level 2 raises the bar significantly and would be perfect for my mother who hasn’t ridden a bike in 30 years and older youth. A short time reviewing the trivia cards proved that level four had some questions that even stumped a couple of bicycle aficionados.

The Biking Game also encourages story telling, sharing our best riding experiences with a few “create your own” cards mixed in to the fun facts deck. These cards are read when a player gets to go the bike shop, everyone’s favorite pit stop.

While the basics of The Biking Game are very simple, it’s a great way to introduce cycling to the next generation in a normal manner. I’m looking forward to the second edition where I suspect the edits will be even better. Until that time, I’ll be sharing The Biking Game with all the young riders I can find in hopes of providing a lot of education with a little bit of story telling and a whole lot of fun.