Pro Bar Chocolate Super GreensOne word sums up Pro Bar’s newest energy bar: Yum!  The Chocolate SuperGreens base bar is made with chia, flaxseed, barley, wheat grass and alfalfa. Sounds too healthy, but this bar rivals the finest of chocolate bars of Belgium.

Pro Bar BaseThe top layer is made of the super greens and the bottom layer is rice crispy-like crunchy dark chocolate.  The bar is 290 calories; 80 from fat. But it’s so good, you won’t want to wait for a workout to have one.

Running a close second is Cliff Bar’s Builder’s protein bar in chocolate mint. Cliff’s chocolate doesn’t come close to the richness of the Pro Bar above, but the minty flavor is tasty after a long hot ride where when I could really use a breath freshener. The protein and calorie content are the same in both bars. Try ’em out.

Cliff Bar Builder's