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The hottest new bike gear at this week’s Outdoor Retailer may keep you pretty cool. Girl Bike Love got the scoop on latest technology in women’s cycling wear during the trade show in Salt Lake City, Utah. The Canadian clothes manufacturer Sugoi showed us its new line of the women’s RS Ice Jersey. The material is made with xylitol– the same stuff in chewing gum. The jersey felt silky soft and cool to the touch– like a fresh piece of Juicy Fruit. The company demonstrated how the chemical used in the material is several degrees cooler when mixed with water than the temperature of regular tap water. The rear pockets are small for lightness but big enough to carry essentials such as a cellphone and energy bar. A silver reflective strip down the back holds the jersey down while you dig through the pockets. Keep an eye out for the glacier green and orange Ice Jersey starting spring 2015, which will retail for about $200. And for that price, you can look aero like the pros and feel minty fresh.