We are getting excited for the new 2015 patterns from Shredly! Last year I put Shredly shorts to the test. As we head into the year and are getting back on our bikes, I wanted to share my thoughts on the brand and fit. I am 5’11 and 160ish pounds – tall and very bootylicious. I rock all three styles of Shredly.

Let’s start with my favorite, the MTB Long. My background is in Enduro so these make perfect sense. They are great for those ladies wanting a longer short. I like that they cover a portion of my kneepads so that I don’t get a weird gap between my thigh and pad when pedaling, keeps my sun tan lines from being any stranger than they already are. The zipper air vent is great for hot days climbing up the trail.

The waist line tabs are also a giant plus, I don’t know about you, but I need a little extra room in the spring and trim down the more I ride. The tabs let me adjust to my fluctuation instead of buying more shorts.


The MTB Short is the same as the MTB long in features, just shorter. I use the MTB Short for any days in the saddle I don’t need knee pads; this also helps even out some of those tan lines.

The Multi-Sport Short is a perfect Après bike short. I wore these shorts after riding and just hanging out because they look so dang cute! You can literally wear them for anything. I SUP in them, hike, and even do a little yoga. These shorts are simpler compared to the mountain bike shorts. There is no vent and no adjustable waist. They are a more streamline short, comparable in length to the MTB Short.


I can attest to the durability of the fabric, from riding high alpine to desert and taking some gnarly falls, I did not have any major tears at the end of last season, which is pretty impressive. The fabric is full of stretch adding to the comfort during high activity. After several washes the color still holds fast.


Most women know that size #’s don’t really mean much, it tends to vary a lot depending on brand.  I am sized differently in almost all the pants I buy.

I am on average a size 10. I wear a 10 in the Multi-Sport and size up one in the MTB Shorts to a 12. I have a small waist and big ole booty and thighs. I have had a lot of great compliments on my Shredly shorts and love all the great patterns and colors.

“Women are rad and there’s no reason why they can’t look good and feel good when they’re tearing up the single track.” – Shredly Shredly was founded by Ashley Rankin, a mountain biker and Colorado native. Learn more about the brand and the gear on their website.

By Tricia Shadell