We love stories of women living confidently, adventurously, and well brazenly. 

After reading the full story on Pinkbike.com, it seems Elisabeth is exactly that. She owns a small café restaurant in Miesbach, just south of Munich. She is passionate about cooking and the color pink – the theme of her restaurant.

The ride took place in Kampenwand, 30 mins south of Munich.

The last scene is my favorite, especially knowing the backstory:

When all other plans for a closing scene with water fell through, it was Elisabeth’s idea to turn an old stainless steel milk pot into a hot pot. With the addition of some bricks and firewood, the vision came to life.

Anyone have and extra milk pot laying around? I could use one of those. We all need to take a little time for ourselves now and then, whether it’s riding or relaxing. Cheers to you Elisabeth, the folks at MAXX who created her custom pink fat bike, and Colin Stewart for his talented filmmaking.