As a girl who spent half her childhood under the hood of a car with Dad, I have a long history of grease stained pants and a youthful giddiness around finding a handy new tool.

It’s no secret. I like tools. The kind you use to fix things.

Recently, I’ve found myself walking around the house with Fix It Sticks, looking for things to fix. That is the sign of a good tool. When it fits nicely in your hand and you actually want to use it.

The Replaceable Bit Fix It Sticks was the perfect tool for building a new bike this week. It’s so useful that I would rather spend an extra 10 minutes remembering where I put it than attempting a bike repair without it.

Replaceable Bit Fix It Sticks are more versatile than the original version that was funded by kickstarter in 2013. It does exactly what it says. The replaceable bit capability allows you to select the right combination of bits for on-the-bike or home repairs. The simple design offers the leverage that most bicycle multi-tools lack, making it incredibly useful. The all steel construction makes it durable and practical while the neodymium magnets hold the bits securely in place.

Weighing in at 118 grams, it’s not the lightest tool on the market but it’s functionality far outweighs the few extra grams.



The Replaceable Bit Fix It Sticks comes with eight bits (2mm, 2.5mm, 3mm, 4mm, 5mm, 6mm Hex, Torx 25, Phillips #2), and is compatible with all 1/4” bit fittings.

I like this tool so much that I’m ordering one for my Dad. Even with a mechanic’s garage equipped with two lifts and more tools than any one person could possibly use, I’m sure this little guy will make his day.

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By Sarai Snyder – Boulder, Colorado