Pedal There :: Cuba at 15 mph

Have you ever thought about going on a cross-country trip by bike?

You might just find yourself falling in love – with the people and the place. There is something about traveling by bike that cannot be duplicated¬†any other way. So, let’s start dreaming and planning. Where do you want to go, how far and how? Today, you can find all sorts of great bike packing gear. What will it be? A quick and dirty, lightweight camping trip? Credit card ride? Or are you up for the long haul?

Tell us about it in the comments!

Our good friend Ryan Van Duzer (the original Manbassador) recently headed to Cuba and if his story doesn’t get you stoked for bike travel, we don’t know what will! Ryan is the kind of travel stories that will touch your heart. Be sure to give him a follow on his youtube channel. And yes, that’s him, the original¬†“Shit Cyclists Say” dude.