Sarai Snyder

Sarai Snyder – Founder/Editor – Boulder, CO

Growing up in the hills of Kentucky, rolling around on bicycles as a kid meant riding on anything other than paved roads and cement sidewalks.  At the age of 10, with her younger sister Tamar by her side, Sarai would bomb down steep hillsides and launch off of homemade jumps.  Several years later, on her new to her Barracuda, she found that mountain biking was what she was born to do.  Some say, in 1994, she went out for her first mountain bike ride and never came back.

Since then, Sarai has spent her time working in bike shops, consulting for cycling companies, advocating for better cycling infrastructure, promoting bike races and events, commuting, racing, writing and riding.  Her greatest passion, outside of getting in a good spin, is sharing her love of the bike with others.

Lauren Anderson

Lauren Anderson


Lauren Anderson – Boulder, CO

Lauren began eyeing her Dad’s road bike about 7 years ago, taking it out for the occasional spin.  But it wasn’t until 3 years ago that she started counting herself as a cyclist.  Participating in several organized rides, including Venus de Miles and the Moab Skinny Tire Century Tour, Lauren has now set her sites on triathlons.  Lauren has always had a passion for nutrition and its ability to improve performance and recovery for athletes.  She is always researching, testing new recipes and sharing her knowledge with others.

Katie Arehart-Rose

Katie Arehart-RoseService Manager Boulder Cycle Sport-North – Boulder, CO

Combining a love of bicycles and working with her hands, Katie couldn’t wait to graduate college so that she could switch gears and start a career in the bicycle industry.  Working as a mechanic for almost 10 years, she brings extensive experience and technical knowledge to Girl Bike Love.  Formerly a racing fanatic, she now enjoys exploring the mountain bike trails of Colorado and taking the long route on her commute to work.

Michele Zebrowitz

Michele Zebrowitz – Atlanta, GA

Michele started cycling in 2001 after borrowing a road bike from a friend and training for an MS150 ride. She raced a few triathlons, but fell in love with the trails when she got my first mountain bike a few years later. Michele rides for fun, but often that means racing endurance mountain bike races, downhill, dual slalom, cross country, and cyclocross. She is addicted to everything bike-related and ride as often as possible while completing her Doctor of Chiropractic degree. Promoting healthy lifestyles to others and meeting like-minded bike friends keeps me smiling!

Tania Juillerat

Tania Juillerat – Brownsburg, IN

Tania grew up in Northern Ohio and Indiana spending most her days riding and training horses.  In 2005 she traded in the reins for two wheels and dirt trails.  Tania quickly became active in her local mountain bike community and volunteered her time to help build trail and run several small events including a women’s clinic and annual fund-raiser.  In 2009, Tania and her husband decided to start their own mountain bike events promotions company called Sub-9 Productions, which has turned those small events into several nationally recognized events including the annual Midwest Women’s Mountain Bike Clinic, Brown County Breakdown, Sub-9 Super D and Sub-9 Death March.  In 2010, she became a certified mountain bike instructor through the International Mountainbike Instructor Certification (IMIC) program. Tania and her husband have two children and currently reside in Brownsburg, IN.  While mountain biking is her hobby, encouraging others and giving them an opportunity to learn about it is her passion.

Eszter Horanyi

Eszter Horanyi – Crested Butte, CO

Eszter is an avid mountain biker who uses bike riding and bike racing as an excuse to travel the world in search of adventure. As the 2009 24-hour Solo National Champion and the women’s record holder for the 493-mile Colorado Trail Race, she is constantly on the lookout for tasty, non-processed, healthy treats to take on her adventures. She resides in Crested Butte, Colorado where she is combining her love of high-altitude mountain biking with her attempt at high-altitude baking, all while planning her next outdoor adventure, either on skis or on a bike.

Christa Zielke Cincinnati, Ohio

Christa Zielke – Cincinnati, Ohio

A graduate of the University of Cincinnati, Christa writes, races bikes, works as marketing and sales director for a sports event management company, and occasionally finds herself behind the counter of her LBS. She currently lives in Cincinnati, OH.