Catherine Fegan-Kim

Catherine Fegan-Kim – otherwise known as Cotton Sox – is partnering with Women Race Bikes as the editor-in-chief of photography. A familiar face in the photographers’ peloton at major domestic road and cyclocross races, 2015 marks her 10th year as a cycling photographer. Soxs’ work has been featured in a number of cycling magazines as well as web magazines. Her incredible talent in capturing the story through her photos goes without question.

Sox is also one of the founders of the women’s domestic elite team, DNA Cycling p/b K4 and races on the team in the women’s Pro 1, 2 field. Being behind the lens and in front, it was not hard to notice the lack of media attention for women’s racing.

It wasn’t until the 2012 Clif Bar Cross Vegas and 2013 UCI Cyclcocross World Championships in Louisville, KY that Sox got her first assignments to shoot the women’s races. The Merco Cycling Classic of 2013 was her very first road assignment.


“It is easy for photographers to shoot both the men and women’s races at cyclocross events as the venues are the same and the races are at different times. For road – we either cover both races and struggle because races overlap, or typically just shoot the men because that is what the paid assignments are.”

“Standing on stage at the Amgen Tour of California for team intros before racing the women’s circuit race in 2014, there was only one major photographer that I knew covering our race. There were only 5 standing there, capturing that moment.”

“I went to the media room after my race that day and it was full of photographers. They were all there to shoot the men’s race. Around that time Sarai contacted me and asked me to take over the Girl Bike Love Instagram account at ATOC. My style has always been to capture the culture, the vibe, the whole essence of a race rather than the winner or the stars of the race. Sarai’s assignment was perfect and I had a blast talking to and snapping images of women racers on and off the bike.”

“I shot the Tour of Utah Women’s Edition and only one major outlet contacted me for images. It is very disheartening at times, knowing, as a racer myself that these women are putting just as much out there as the men. But few have the chance to see it.”

“It seems like a natural next step in my career to work with Sarai, Girl Bike Love and WRB. My mission is to focus on portraying the culture of Women’s bike racing through my lens and this is the perfect outlet to share that story.”

Fegan-Kim is married to husband Alex Kim. They are based in Salt Lake City, UT with a son, a daughter, and a German Shepherd. Like most female bike racers, Sox juggles work, family life, training and racing. Her 14 year old son who has autism also inspires her to put a great deal of energy in to autism awareness.

The Kim family is known for their hospitality and boundless support of women’s racing. After a tough day on the bike or behind the camera, Sox can usually be found among a houseful of teammates, cycling friends, and hosted racers, glass of wine in hand, sharing a meal with her cycling family.

“Everyone has challenges making it work. All that effort to get to the races shows on the faces in women’s racing. It is full gas, all heart, fueled with energy and passion, whether she is a domestique or the team leader. It’s beautiful and bold. I like shooting shit like that.” – Catherine Fegan-Kim aka Cotton Sox