Sarai Snyder

Sarai Snyder – Founder/Editor in Chief – Boulder, CO

Growing up in the hills of Kentucky, rolling around on bicycles meant riding on anything other than paved roads and cement sidewalks. At the age of 10, with her younger sister Tamar by her side, Sarai would bomb down steep hillsides and launch off  homemade jumps. Several years later, on her new-to-her Barracuda, she found that mountain biking was what she was born to do. Some say, in 1994, she went out for her first mountain bike ride and never really came back.

Since then, Sarai has spent her time working in bike shops, consulting for cycling companies, advocating for better cycling infrastructure, promoting bike races and events, commuting, racing, writing and riding.

Sarai is also the co-founder of CycloFemme – a Global Women’s Cycling Day, celebrated annually on the US Mother’s Day. You can follow Sarai on twitter and instagram @saraisnyder.

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