Stephanie Loveless

Stephanie Loveless at Boulder Indoor Cycling

Stephanie Loveless grew up in Boulder, Colorado where she ditched the training wheels and taught herself to ride a two-wheeler at the age of eight. With such a deep-seated cycling scene in Boulder, it was hard to escape her growing interest in the culture.

As an adult, her first bicycle was a converted fixed gear made from an early 80’s Trek road bike. She took a hack-saw to the brakes and gears, bought a flip-flop hub and was hooked on fixed. Since then she has had a growing curiosity with track bikes, road bikes and bicycle culture.

In addition to writing about cycling, climbing, hunting and sustainable food systems, Stephanie has an interest in building bicycles. After riding a handful of generic frames, she decided to build her own road bike at the Yamaguchi Frame Building School. She is currently learning the craft of frame building with Aaron Barcheck at Mosaic Cycle’s. She is thrilled to inspire and empower women through cycling.

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