New Year Resolution Tips for Success

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Let’s make this year count by making realistic yet life-changing resolutions. We will make resolutions that will make a difference and follow through with them. If you find yourself discouraged and do not want to give New Year’s resolutions a try anymore, this is the year that will make the difference! You will go into the new year with a clear mindset, a plan, and attainable goals. 

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New Year = New Mindset

If you want to make a significant change in your life, you will have to start from within. Making small shifts will go a long way along your journey. Setting daily goals will help you raise your standards on what to expect of yourself. If you feel like a fresh start is needed to get started, then this is your chance! 

Simple ways you can achieve your goals are by planning. Waking up earlier and planning will set you up for success as you envision things. Change your morning habits for more productive and insightful tasks, and you will find yourself inspired to take on new projects as the days go by. 

Now that you have the tools to get on the right mindset for this upcoming new year, you might ask yourself, how? How do you tackle each goal, and how do you stay on track and not lose your progress as you did this past year? 

The answer is simple: accountability. Hold yourself accountable for your actions and what you are not willing to do. Do not blame others for the lack of progress in your fitness and health journey. Please do not blame others when it is all up to you to make changes in your life. 

New Year’s Resolution Tips

Set Realistic Goals

When setting new year goals, people’s number one mistake is setting the bar too high. It is okay to dream big; however, you need to break down this goal step by step to make it attainable. For example, if you wish to lose 30 pounds this upcoming year, you should break it down by months. It would help if you thought, “I will lose 2-3 lbs the month of January, 3 lbs. in February”, and so on. There are also many ways to stay focused; once you start seeing progress and see your capabilities, you will be motivated to keep going. Do not forget, drastic measures will lead to massive disappointments. So why put yourself through this? Take it step by step, and you will have results guaranteed. 

Do not Allow Motivation to be your only Drive

If you let motivation be your only fuel, you are in trouble. You will need a lot more than motivation to attain your goals. Perseverance and commitment are crucial to achieving your 2022 goals. Say you just got gifted (a very much wished for) MYX Fitness Bike; however, you are not feeling the “motivation” to get up today and put in the work. But you wished for this bike, and you wanted to do your daily workouts on this revolutionary machine, so why are you not feeling it today? Simple, some days you just will not have it in you, and that is why you cannot be driven by motivation and will need to be disciplined. Have a daily schedule, perhaps a workout before or after work (a great way to start a habit). 

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Write it Out

A thought in your mind is just an idea; however, it becomes a plan once it is written out. Make sure you write out every goal you have for this upcoming new year. After writing your goal, break it down to how you will attain it in the next year. A whole year is a long time to make a goal a reality which means there is a lot of room for procrastination, but there is also a lot of space for improvement. 

Whatever goals you have in mind for 2023 can all be obtained. It is all a matter of changing your mindset, dedication, discipline, and putting in the work to make it a reality. Make this the year you attain your goals by making attainable goals.

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