Keiser M3i vs. Nordictrack S22i

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By Robbie Ferri, Cyclist, Personal Trainer, and Group Exercise Instructor.

Two of the most talked-about bikes in the indoor cycling industry are the Keiser M3i and the Nordictrack S22i. They are both incredible bikes but to look at worlds apart. Let me tell you now, they are both unbelievable but in their own way. 

  1. Keiser M3i Bike
  2. Keiser M3i Bike

    The App takes the cycle to another level, and with compatibility and connectivity, the bike offers all of the latest conveniences the digital age has to offer. 

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  3. Nordictrack Commercial S22i
  4. Nordictrack Commercial S22i

    22 inches Interactive HD Touchscreen Display streams on-demand iFit workouts directly to your equipment and provides easy stats tracking; Adjustable display mount allows for 360-degree screen rotation.

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Comparison Table

Keiser M3iNordictrack S22i
4 Way Adjustable Handlebarsx
Big Front Screen
Interactive Classes
Incline Decline Function
Direct Power Meterx
Belt Drivexx
Magnetic Resistancexx
M3i & S22i Comparison Table

As you can see from this table, these bikes are very different and what you will get is a very different experience. Although it looks like the Nordictrack offers more, it might not be the bike for you and does cost more in the long run. In the next section, we’re going to break the bikes down, so you know exactly what you’re getting when it comes to each one.

Keiser M3i Vs. Nordictrack S22i


There’s no doubt about it when it comes to quality. The Keiser is just on another level compared to any other bike. It’s entirely made in the US and is seriously an incredible bit of kit. It has a direct power meter and just generally is so well put together. That’s why Keiser is one of the top choices of gym bikes.


The Nordictrack is much bigger, and you can see it offers a very interactive exercise bike look with a giant screen in front. Then you have the Keiser, which gives you this V shape spinning bike look. It comes totally down to what you want from it if you want a simple spinner or an interactive bike.


Although the bikes both have a Bluetooth connectivity system, they work in completely different ways. The Nordictrack S22i is bound to the iFit application and a few other features; in fact, it is one of the best iFit indoor cycles in the market. This comes in at a $39/mo (Family Plan) or a $180/yr (Individual Plan) but is worth every penny. It has spinning classes, yoga, strength workouts, and much more to enjoy. The Keiser Bluetooth is entirely open to all applications. It has its own basic application, but you can freely link up with Peloton, Zwift, and many others.


Both the bikes run a silky, smooth, responsive, belt drive system and require practically no maintenance. They also both have magnetic resistance, which uses an eddy current to slow you down instead of a friction brake. Both systems are incredible, but the Keiser does have a higher quality standard.


As far as screens go, the Nordictracks 22” HD screen is just incredible. It is of fantastic quality and even has a fan on the bottom. The Keiser only has a small monitor but does offer more options for connectivity to applications on a tablet or TV, as discussed before.


When it comes to interactivity, the Nordictrack S22i does come up trumps, and it is a much better machine for entertainment than the Keiser. Although the Keiser you can still use applications on a tablet or TV, the NordicTrack is just a better experience.

Special Features

The Nordictrack comes with some fantastic features. It can automatically change your resistance while in one of their structured classes. You also have an incline and decline where the bike rises up and down, making it feel like you’re going up steep gradients. The Keiser is a very basic bike in this regard, but everything it has on is of incredible quality.

Adjustability and Footprint

The Nordictrack can go from 4ft 11” all the way to 6ft 8”. The Keiser can go from 4ft 11” to 6ft 5”. The Nordictrack S22i 55” x 25” x 57”  is a very large bike compared to Keiser 45” x 26” x 49”, which is much smaller. If you are looking for a bike to take up less space, the Keiser is the right bike.


They are not far off each other in price, but to get the most out of the Nordictrack, you will need to be spending $20 per month on the subscription. With the Keiser, you can use free applications and will work perfectly on the Keisers Bluetooth application at no cost.

Which bike is for me?

If you are looking for an all-singing and dancing experience with automatic resistance and the ability to incline and decline, then the Nordictrack will be the bike for you. This will cost you more in the long run but will be a lot of fun.

 Suppose you’re looking for a traditional spin bike experience on probably one of the highest-quality spin bikes to ever see the market with the ability to link up to any application. In that case, the Keiser is the bike for you.

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Both these bikes are incredible and you won’t be making a bad choice by purchasing either one. I do feel the Nordictrack offers an amazing experience but it can be a lot to take in when the Keiser keeps it really simple. It all comes down to personal preference in my opinion.

Robbie Ferri

A Personal Trainer and Ultra Cyclist living in King's Lynn in Norfolk, UK. From Ultra Cycling World Records to Bikepacking Races and a huge amount of time on the gym floor training myself and clients my experience when it comes to Health and Fitness is vast.

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