MYX II vs. Stryde Bike Comparison: Price, Apps & How they Differ

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With so many people working from home during the pandemic, indoor fitness and conditioning bikes have become all the rage. There’s no need for costly gym memberships or driving through the snow to get to your gym, and the best thing is you can work out when you please. 

In this review, we’ll take a detailed look and side by side comparison of the two popular bikes; the MYX2 / MYX 2 Plus and the Stryde.

MYX II Vs Stryde Bike

Not Much Time? Check Our MYX II /MYX II Plus vs. Stryde Comparison Table

MYX2 / MYX2 PlusStryde Bike
CostMYX2 $1,399,00 /MYX2 Plus $1,599,00$1,495,00 or $42 per month 
TechnologyState-of-the-art 21.5″ (55cm) touchscreen22″ HD Tablet with Full HD 1080p
Maximum Ride Weight350lbs or 159kgs350lbs or 159kgs
Bike Dimensions54″ x 21” x 47” (137cm x 53cm x 119cm)24″ × 50″ (61 cm × 127 cm)
ResistanceFriction ResistanceMagnetic Resistance (100 levels)
Additional AccessoriesThe MYX2 includes a Polar Heart Rate monitor and Water Bottles
The MYX 2 Plus: Polar Heart Rate Monitor, Resistance Band, Exercise Mat, Stabilizing Mat, Six-Piece Weight Set, Foam Roller 
Bluetooth Speakers Water Bottle Cages
MYX vs Stryde Comparison Table

MYX Fitness App Vs. Stryde App

MYX Fitness App

The MYX Fitness App offers a wide array of varying workout sessions that cater to users of all fitness levels. Unfortunately, the App does not allow you to sync with popular third-party apps such as ZWift, Strava, and Suffersfest. The MYX fitness bike does, however, allow the user to track your progress via the interactive leaderboard.

  • The MYX Fitness App costs a very reasonable $29 monthly
  • Live Classes
  • On-Demand Classes
  • Scenic Courses

Stryde App

The Stryde App goes above and beyond many of the other fitness conditioning bike apps on the market, including some big brands. With more than 500 training programs to choose from, you won’t be disappointed. Several exciting, fun, and challenging workouts are available in Hip Hop rides, Summer Hit rides, and even rave rides.

  • The Stryde App is $29 per month
  • 500 + Training Programs 
  • On-Demand Classes
  • Popular music from the 80s up to the latest hits
  • Top National Instructors

Beachbody MYX II / MYX II Plus (BODi Bike) Review


  • Dimensions: 54” x 21” x 47” or 137cm x 53cm x 119cm
  • Bike Build Quality: Cost-effective yet incredibly durable  
  • Screen Tech: LCD touchscreen 21.5″ that swivels

The MYX II and MYX II Plus bikes, now called BODi bikes, have received some excellent online reviews regarding the latest trends in the bike scene. In fact, we have rigorously tested the bike for you (check out our BODi Bike Review from Katie Pierson), and it is an excellent indoor cycling bike.

First and foremost, the MYX2 fitness bike is relatively inexpensive compared to other major brands, and considering the number of features it comes with, it’s a real bargain. Many have pure marketing points when reviewing fitness bikes, but they just don’t hold up when putting the features to action.

The MYX2 Plus is not one of those bikes; the bike’s designers have thought carefully about useful features to riders while working out. For instance, the pedals serve a dual purpose by giving the rider an option to wear sneakers or clip-in cycling shoes. Another excellent feature is the fully adjustable handlebars, allowing riders of almost any size to enjoy a comfortable ride.

The touchscreen has a built-in swivel which comes in handy for riding or stretching afterward, and you still want to look at the screen. The saddle is comfortable and has been ergonomically designed again, making the riding experience a comfortable one.

The MYX2 Fitness app also won’t leave you disappointed and has a whole heap of challenging workouts for all levels of rider. The sessions have been designed by professional trainers, which gives users peace of mind when working out.

Live classes are a fun interactive way to work out and offer the rider a challenging training session in a friendly yet motivating environment.

Things I liked:

  • The positioning of the water bottles
  • In-depth data tracking and monitoring 
  • The pedals are designed with a dual purpose in mind
  • Comparatively lower price when compared to other major brands
  • The swivel touchscreen is more than just a fancy feature

Things To Consider:

  • To access the features on the App, a monthly fee is needed, but that being said, the App is well worth it
  • One drawback is the noise the friction system makes

Stryde Bike Review

Stryde Bike Stryde Bike

A commercial-grade quality bike with a lot of extra perks. The massive advantage of the Stryde is that it can display key metrics such as cadence and resistance level that are tracked by itself. So, Stryde users don't rely on Peloton integration with the digital app.


  • Footprint: 24 in x 50 in or 61cm x 127cm 
  • Frame Weight: 125 lbs
  • Console Weight: 10lbs
  • Frame Material: Welded powdered coated high-grade steel
  • Resistance: Micro Magnetic resistance system with 100 levels of difficulty
  • Tech: 21.5” LCD screen with Bluetooth speakers, wifi connectivity


The Stryde fitness bike offers users a new alternative to the plethora of other fitness bikes that have flooded the market recently.

The Stryde bike has dual-purpose pedals allowing users to use sneakers or dedicated cycling shoes, which is an excellent feature that experienced riders will appreciate. The bike is ergonomically designed and offers riders a comfortable experience. 

The saddle, one of the most critical components of any bike, is comfortable on long rides, and coupled with the fully adjustable handlebars, the Stryde delivers an excellent riding experience.

The tablet is user-friendly and allows users to access training metrics and other apps like Netflix or even checking your emails. Rather than being limited only to Stryde’s workouts, you can even download Peloton or other fitness apps to use directly on it. The workouts offer everything for those looking to improve their cardio, and Stryde has even developed strength and conditioning programs to keep you strong while you are off the bike.

The music is on offer, and if you’re an 80s fan like me, then you’ll be in heaven; if not to worry because Stryde has all the latest hits on offer too. Stryde has teamed up with some of the nation’s best cycling studios to bring its users an interactive performance-based experience that will take their fitness to the next level. 

Things I liked:

  • Dual-purpose pedals 
  • State-of-the-art one-touchscreen
  • Bluetooth speakers are very high quality
  • App provides up to 500 challenging workouts
  • Users of varying heights and weights can use the bike

Things To Consider:

  • Live workouts are not available 
  • Price is relatively high considering the features on offer

How Do The MYX 2 And The Stryde Compare?


Most people have to be very considerate of the money they spend when purchasing fitness equipment. The cost of the bike is not the only factor that needs to be considered; for example, you might have to pay a monthly fee for access to the app features. 

The MYX Fitness Bike is extremely affordable and brings a welcome change to an industry that can be somewhat expensive. The MYX Fitness bikes are priced at $1,399,00 and $1,599,00. 

The Stryde Conditoniong bike is also reasonably priced, and considering the number of unique features you get, it is a good deal. The Stryde Fitness bike is priced at $1,495,00 or $42 monthly.


The old saying “you get what you pay for” is accurate, and the same goes for both bikes. 

The MYX Fitness bike is jam-packed full of features and additional accessories. The MYX Fitness Plus 2 has a laundry list of extras, including a heart rate monitor, a set of weights, a foam roller, a stabilizing mat, and an exercise mat; wow, what more could you ask for.

The Stryde bike is an excellent bike with various features that many brands charge extra for. Because of that, the Stryde doesn’t offer a lot of additional accessories since they’re already included.

Ther Styrde does, however, offer state-of-the-art Bluetooth speakers keeping your workouts exciting, and water bottles are also added on.


Who doesn’t love the latest tech? 

The MYX 2 and 2 Plus offer the latest one-touch LCD screen, which measures an impressive 22inches. The Stryde bike screen is 21.5 inches with Full HD 1080p along with two Bluetooth speakers and wifi connectivity,

Classes And Sessions

The App on the Stryde Fitness bike provides users with as many as 500 different workouts that professional fitness coaches have designed. The programs offer the rider top-of-the-line performance, and the sessions are led by some of the best conditioning coaches in the country. The App is very affordable at just $29 per month.

The MYX Fitness 2 and 2 Plus also provides on-demand classes for $29 a month. Although live classes are not available, the App does a great job of providing the user with different sessions and keeps workouts fun and challenging.

Specifications & Quality

The MYX and the Stryde are both built and designed with the highest grade materials in mind and are durable, cost-effective, and sturdy. 

The MYX 2 and 2 Plus have a floor space dimension of 54” x 21” x 47” or 137cm x 53cm x 119cm. The bike has a maximum user weight of 350lbs or 159kgs.

On the other hand, the Stryde Bike, although an entirely different brand, has similar dimensions and maximum weights. The bike requires a floor space of 24” x 50” or 61cm x 127cm, and the maximum user weight is identical to the MYX at 350lbs or 159kgs.

MYX2 / MYX 2 Plus & Stryde Vs. Echelon Connect EX5S

The Echelon Connect EX5S is what many fitness professionals call one of the industry’s best fitness bikes. Many bikes in this category are priced at a premium, making them simply unaffordable for most people. 

The Echelon Connect EX5S, however, is an excellent fitness bike at a price most can afford.

With a starting price of around $1,700,00 at the time of writing, the Echelon Connect EX5S is a substantial purchase, but when you factor in the cheaper monthly cost of the App, the bike becomes an affordable alternative. The App offers live and on-demand classes, which put it on par with many other top brands.

Echelon EX5-S Echelon EX5-S

New and improved stabilization handles and seat post adjustments including a competition seat with 6' lever-style adjustment, and a precision resistance motor are just a few of the exciting new features you only get with the EX5-S.

Now when it comes time to choose between MYX Fitness, The Stryde, or the Echelon Connect EX5S, careful considerations specific to your needs should be answered. 

Which Bike Is For Me?

The question of which bike is right for me is not only a difficult question to answer but also an important one. 

Several factors always play a part in which bike you choose, and this is why it’s imperative to do your homework and research the bikes on the market before spending large amounts of hard-earned cash. 

Factors essential to consider are your budget, fitness goals, how often you intend to use the bike, where you put the bike, how much space you have, and your current fitness levels. Finding the answers to all these questions is critical, so make sure you’ve gone through them thoroughly before making the purchase. 

Don’t get caught up in the hype and marketing of some big-name brands; Other less expensive brands are sometimes similar and offer the same features for a fraction of the price.

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Final Set

When looking to buy any piece of fitness equipment, particularly fitness bikes, which can cost thousands of dollars, you must take your time and do your research.

I hope this article has given you some excellent information and provided you with sound advice to help you choose the right bike for you.

Happy cycling!!

Brenton Barker

Brenton holds a Degree in Sports Coaching from the University of Delaware and was the former Head Advisor for the Japanese Government's Sports Science Institute. Brenton currently consults with several Professional Athletes and clients in Self- Accountability, Health, and Goal Orientation.

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