Our Editorial & Product Review Process

At GirlBikeLove.com, our mission is to empower cycling enthusiasts, providing them with accurate, well-researched information to make informed decisions about their indoor cycling experience. Here’s a glimpse into our rigorous editorial and product review process:

Content Integrity Promise

GirlBikeLove.com adheres to a strict Content Integrity Promise to ensure the quality and trustworthiness of our content and editorial processes. We prioritize human-generated content and do not utilize AI (artificial intelligence) writing tools.

Expert Contributors

Our writers are esteemed professionals in the field of indoor cycling, including certified Spinning® Instructors, personal trainers, and ultra-distance cyclists. Their expertise, coupled with years of experience, guarantees insightful and reliable articles that resonate with our audience.

  • Katie Pierson: A Certified Spinning® Instructor & Personal Trainer with nearly two decades of experience and ten fitness certifications.
  • Robbie Ferri: A Certified Spinning® Instructor, Personal Trainer, and Ultra-Distance Cyclist renowned for breaking records and exploring cycling worldwide.

Diverse Voices

GirlBikeLove.com is committed to inclusivity and diversity. We strive to represent voices from various backgrounds, ensuring our content resonates with all readers, regardless of race, gender identity, or experience.

Product Testing

We pride ourselves on thoroughly testing products before recommending them to our readers. Our team rigorously evaluates each item from indoor cycles to trainers, providing firsthand insights through written reviews and accompanying video demonstrations on our YouTube channel.

References, Sources, and Citations

We prioritize evidence-based research and rely on reputable sources, including peer-reviewed journals, academic institutions, and industry experts. All claims and suggestions are meticulously fact-checked and supported by relevant citations.

Up-to-Date Information

Our commitment to excellence extends to keeping our content current. We regularly review and update articles to reflect the latest research, guidelines, and advancements in indoor cycling technology.

Transparency and Accountability

We maintain transparency with our audience by promptly addressing any errors or inaccuracies. Corrections are clearly communicated, ensuring our readers have access to the most reliable information.

Independence and Impartiality

GirlBikeLove.com upholds the principles of independence and impartiality in our editorial decision-making process. Our content is free from advertiser influence, allowing us to provide unbiased reviews and recommendations.


We prioritize original content, ensuring that all information presented is verified, attributed, and unique. Plagiarism is strictly prohibited, and any allegations are thoroughly investigated in accordance with industry standards and legal guidelines.

At GirlBikeLove.com, we’re committed to providing cyclists with the resources they need to enhance their indoor cycling experience.

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