Sunny Evolution Pro (SF-B1714) Review 

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Are you ready to unleash the fitness beast within yourself that’s been simmering under the surface? Well, now you have no more excuses to keep putting your fitness goals on hold. 

The Sunny Health and Fitness SF- B1714 Evolution Pro Magnetic Belt Drive Indoor Cycling Bike comes equipped with one of the heaviest flywheels available on any exercise bike I’ve seen in recent times. Sunny Health and Fitness are known for the build quality of their bikes, and in particular, the quality of the flywheel, which they pay great attention to.

Unlike some of the other cheaper bikes in the Sunny lineup, the Evolution Pro utilizes the very latest in magnetic technology, which gives the user a wonderfully quiet and smooth riding experience. Adjusting the resistance is easy and can be done with the turn of the control knob. 

Last but not least, the Evolution Pro has four-way adjustable handlebars, which means users both short and tell can easily find their perfect riding position. The seat also has four-way adjustability and makes long rides a pleasant experience. 

sunny evolution pro review

Sunny Evolution Pro (SF-B1714): What I liked & What Could Be Better 

Sunny Health Evolution Pro Bike (SF-B1714) Sunny Health Evolution Pro Bike (SF-B1714)

20 kg heavy-duty flywheel ensures stability to avoid jolting while riding; Emergency push-down brake stops the wheel immediately for safety.

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The Sunny Health and Fitness SF- B1714 Evolution Pro Magnetic Belt Drive Indoor Cycling Bike is a mid-range exercise bike manufactured by Sunny. The Evolution Pro uses the latest in magnetic technology, which makes the bike incredibly smooth and, more importantly, quiet; especially essential if you live in an apartment or with other family members.

The Evolution Pro is manufactured from the best materials, such as high-grade steel and aluminum, meaning the bike is not only durable but also stable and robust. The Evolution Pro is a heavy exercise which is a good thing because you don’t want the bike to wobble around, especially when you’re out of the pedals smashing a sprint or striving for your personal best climbing a hill.

Most bikes you find in commercial-sized gyms are close to 150 lbs, and when you consider the Evolution Pro is only a few pounds off, it’s a testament to the build quality. However, most bikes in gyms cost thousands and thousands of dollars, while the Evolution Pro is much more cost-effective, priced at $599,98. 

The Evolution Pro has a couple of big negatives against it, though, such as no monitor to track critical workout data and the pedals being not dual-purpose, meaning you’re stuck with the caged type. Now although there is no monitor Sunny Health and Fitness do offer the Sunny Cadence Sensor which can then connect to the Sunny App so you can track valuable ride data and metrics such as speed, distance and calories burned. For those riders who are more experienced, you might be better off purchasing the Evolution Pro II, which comes with dual-purpose pedals and an upgraded performance monitor.

The Evolution Pro also comes with two convenient little wheels that make transportation easy for even the most petite female user. Another outstanding feature is the four levelers, which means the bike is stable and well-balanced no matter what surface you’re riding on. 

The Evolution Pro is hard to go past for price, quality, and affordability and is one of the best bikes in the Sunny Health and Fitness range.

Things I liked:

  • Robust and durable frame; excellent build quality
  • World-renowned patented 44lb flywheel technology
  • The Drive system is virtually silent and maintenance-free
  • The seat and handlebars are four-way adjustable
  • The handlebars are ergonomically designed with foam padding
  • Simple to assemble (under 30 minutes)
  • The 3-year warranty is one of the best in the industry

Things To Consider:

  • The bike has no device holder which would be a nice addition
  • No protective guard to stop your sweat dripping on the frame
  • Might be seen as costly by some potential customers

Sunny Evolution Pro (SF-B1714) vs Pro II (SF-B1986) 

The SF- B1714 Evolution Pro Magnetic Belt Drive Indoor Cycling Bike may share the same name as the Evolution Pro II but rest assured, there are a number of features that set the bikes apart from each other. 

To start with, the Evolution Pro II comes with an upgraded performance LCD console. The display lets you track data like speed, average speed, maximum speed, cadence or RPM, average cadence, max cadence, distance, goal distance, time, calories burned, race mode, target time, and even your pulse. The features on the Evolution Pro II don’t stop there; you also get a device holder, dual-purpose pedals, and an adjustable bottler holder.

Sunny Evolution Pro II Magnetic Indoor Cycle (SF-B1986) Sunny Evolution Pro II Magnetic Indoor Cycle (SF-B1986)

The 40 lb flywheel provides momentum while you ride on this low impact cycling machine. The smooth and silent belt-drive mechanism guarantees your cycle exercise will be quiet, particularly in shared spaces. 

The Evolution Pro II is only slightly more expensive than the Evolution Pro price at $687,98, while the Evolution Pro is priced at $599,98. Now for me, when you consider that the Evolution Pro II offers far more features than the Evolution Pro, it’s the most obvious choice, especially considering it’s only roughly $90,00 more.

I can see what Sunny Health and Fitness are trying to achieve by offering so many bikes that target different users, but in this case, the Evolution Pro and the Pro II make no sense at all. For only an extra $90,00, you get so much more with the Evolution Pro II that I don’t see the point in choosing the Evolution Pro over the Pro II. 

Evolution ProEvolution Pro II
Bike Weight135 lbs135 lbs
Water Bottle HolderYesYes
Device HolderNoYes
Pulse SensorNoYes
Digital MonitorNoYes
Drive MechanismBelt-driveBelt-drive
Max User Weight330 lbs330 lbs

Sunny Evolution Pro (SF-B1714) Detailed Review

Sunny Health Evolution Pro Bike (SF-B1714) Sunny Health Evolution Pro Bike (SF-B1714)

20 kg heavy-duty flywheel ensures stability to avoid jolting while riding; Emergency push-down brake stops the wheel immediately for safety.

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  • Bike Dimensions 48.5″ x 24″ x 53.5″ inches
  • Bike Weight 135.6lbs or 61kgs
  • Adjustability Four-way Handles and four-way adjustable seat
  • Max Ride Height 6’1″
  • Resistance System Magnetic
  • Foldable No
  • Drive Mechanism Belt Drive 
  • Bike User Max Capacity 330lbs or 150kgs
  • Flywheel 44lbs or 20kgs 
  • Transport Two-wheels under the base of the bike


The SF- B1714 doesn’t have a Bluetooth capability; hence you cannot connect directly to the Sunny Fit app or with your phone to check your ride metrics. However, you can always use the Sunny Cadence sensor which does exactly this: Connects your bike to Sunny Fit App & helps you track your Cadence / RPM.

Sunny Health 2-in-1 Cadence / RPM + Speed Sensor (CB100) Sunny Health 2-in-1 Cadence / RPM + Speed Sensor (CB100)

Sync to your phone, tablet, or other mobile devices through Bluetooth or ANT+ wireless connectivity technology. Track and view your data all in real-time by connecting it to the Sunny Health & Fitness APP.


When it comes to the resistance mechanisms found on traditional exercise bikes, you’ll typically find two; either friction types or magnetic. Generally, on the cheaper bikes, you’ll discover friction-type resistance systems. Friction does provide a decent amount of resistance; however, it can be pretty jerky and needs constant maintenance. 

As the name suggests, the SF- B1714 Evolution Pro Magnetic Belt Drive Indoor Cycling Bike utilizes state-of-the-art magnetic resistance to provide a silky smooth, silent and realistic riding experience. 

The significant benefit of the magnetic systems doesn’t stop there because the system is also maintenance-free as the magnet never touches any of the critical components. Is it worth paying the extra money and purchasing a bike with magnetic resistance? In my opinion, absolutely YES!


The SF- B1714 Evolution Pro Magnetic Belt Drive Indoor Cycling Bike has a 44lb heavy-duty flywheel, creating a smooth and silent ride. The less expensive Sunny bikes have felt-resistance systems, which are not bad, but in all honesty, you can’t beat the magnetic resistance system that the SF-B1714 comes with. 


The SF-B1714 has caged pedals that provide a safe and slip-free riding experience. Unfortunately, the Evolution Pro does not come with dual-purpose pedals; for those, your better option is to choose the Evolution Pro II so you can use your dedicated cycling shoes, clip-in, and ride for hours. 


The SF-B1714 comes equipped with two-little wheels, making moving the bike around very straightforward. It’s just a matter of simply tilting the bike and taking advantage of the wheels. 


When you buy a mid-range exercise bike, one of the features you can take full advantage of is adjustability. The SF- B1714 Evolution Pro Magnetic Belt Drive Indoor Cycling Bike has four-way adjustable handlebars meaning you can move them up and down and forward and back. 

The seat also has four-way adjustability, which makes finding the perfect riding position relatively easy for most types of body shapes and sizes. The team at Sunny Health and Fitness has gone above and beyond in terms of adjustability, and the SF-B1714 suits both shot and tall users. 

Sunny lists the height minimum as 5’0″ and a height maximum of 6’3″ with a leg inseam measurement of 30’1″ and 38’3″.


Assembling bikes might not be your best skill set, but luckily for you, the Sunny SF-B1714 comes pretty much fully assembled. Inside the box, you’ll find the necessary tools you need to put the bike together and a clear and precise instructional manual. 

Although most of the bike is pre-assembled, there are some components such as the handlebars, seat, and pedals you’ll need to assemble. Putting the bike together shouldn’t take any longer than 30 minutes, even for the most inexperienced handyperson. 


The SF- B1714 Evolution Pro Magnetic Belt Drive Indoor Cycling Bike comes with one of the best and most extended warranties in the fitness bike niche. Sunny Health and Fitness are renowned for its build quality, and the company stands behind it with a 3-year structural frame and 180 days of other parts and components. You won’t find many brands offering a better deal than that!

Comparison with Other Alternatives

SF-B1714Schwinn IC4SF-B1582
Max User Weight 330 lbs250 lbs330 lbs
ResistanceMagnetic Direct-DriveMagnetic
Drive MechanismBelt-DriveDirect-DriveBelt-Drive
MonitorNoBio-Connect FeedbackPerformance Monitor
PedalsCagedQ-Factor PedalsDual-Purpose
Bike Weight135 lbs90 lbs135 lbs
Bottle HolderYesNoYes
Pulse SensorNoNoYes

SF-B1714 vs Schwinn IC4

-30% on Amazon
Schwinn IC4 Bike Schwinn IC4 Bike

Comes equipped with Bluetooth connectivity, allowing you to link to several apps such as Peloton® and Zwift®. The Schwinn really does offer excellent quality at a very affordable price.

The SF- B1714 Evolution Pro Magnetic Belt Drive Indoor Cycling Bike is an excellent mid-range bike, but how does it stack up against one of the best exercise bikes on the market; the Schwinn IC4. For starters, the Schwinn brand is simply the most famous manufacturer in the indoor bike niche, and their bikes are of the highest quality,

The Schwinn IC4 comes with multi-position grip handlebars, an integrated bottle, and easily adjustable Q-factor pedals. In terms of resistance, the Schwinn IC4 uses BioDyne Performance, a 35 lbs flywheel, and state-of-the-art direct drive gearing. 

The 35 lb flywheel really does help to make this bike silky-smooth, and when you’re riding, it’s borderline silent. The frame of the Schwinn IC4 is constructed from oversized and corrosion-resistant steel tubing, making it incredibly durable. The easy-to-use and straightforward LCD console tracks data such as distance, RPM, time, and calories burned.

I love the option on the Sunny SF-B1714 to purchase the Sunny Cadence Sensor which then allows you to track ride data like speed, RPM, and distance through your phone or tablet.

SF-B1714 vs SF-B1852

Sunny Health Exercise Bike (SF-B1852) Sunny Health Exercise Bike (SF-B1852)

Comes full of features that will help you achieve the workouts and rides you’re looking for. Featuring a high inertia 40 LB rear-mounted flywheel with magnetic resistance, this high-performance stationary bike offers a smooth and intense riding experience.

The SF- B1714 Evolution Pro Magnetic Belt Drive Indoor Cycling Bike and the Sunny Kinetic Rear Flywheel may have similar names, but in reality, they have some vastly different features that set them apart from each other.

Let’s start off with the most obvious being the Sunny Kinetic has its flywheel at the rear. This helps to keep sweat off the critical components and mitigates any chance of corrosion. Having the flywheel at the rear also makes the bike surprisingly quieter while riding, and the fact you won’t need to maintain it makes the Sunny Kinetic Rear Flywheel an excellent exercise bike.

The SF-B1714 is nearly $300,00 cheaper than the Kinetic, so if budget is a factor, the Kinetic might not be for you. The SF-B1714 also doesn’t have many features that the Kinetic does, like dual-purpose pedals and dumbbell holders. 


Sunny Health Evolution Pro Bike (SF-B1714) Sunny Health Evolution Pro Bike (SF-B1714)

20 kg heavy-duty flywheel ensures stability to avoid jolting while riding; Emergency push-down brake stops the wheel immediately for safety.

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Ok, so you want to know whether the Evolution Pro is worth spending your hard-earned cash on and burning a big fat hole in your wallet. Well, that depends on a few factors like your fitness goals, how many times you plan on riding, and of course, your budget.

Sunny Health and Fitness, over recent years, have become increasingly popular amongst consumers within the home gym fitness niche, and that’s partly due to their build quality but primarily because of the company’s unparalleled ability to deliver on its promises.

The flywheel on the Evolution Pro and the magnetic resistance system simple make this bike one of the smoothest and quietest you’ll find in the price range. Interestingly enough, you do miss out on a digital consoler, and the bike only comes with caged pedals with no option for the dual-purpose ones. The SF-B1714 Evolution Pro has been in production for a few years now, and sales continue to grow.

In short, if you’re looking for a mid-range bike with the durability of more expensive models, I highly recommend the Evolution Pro from Sunny Health and Fitness.

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