Terra Glide Review: How Does This Exercise System for Core and Cardio Perform?

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Is Terra Glide Worth it?

If you’re after an all-around piece of fitness equipment that delivers a total body workout at a fraction of the cost of other well-known brands, the Terra Glide is 100% worth it. The addition of the wheels may seem insignificant to some compared to the Terra Corre, but the wheels literally take the Glide to another level in terms of exercises you can perform. So with the summer not too far away, the Terra Glide is all you need to get your mid-section ripped.

What is the Terra Glide & How does it Work?

The Terra Glide looks very futuristic at first glance, and if you’re new to the fitness game, you might not even know what it is. But simply put, the Terra Core is an all-in-one ab-roller and fitness tool that improves your balance, agility, flexibility, and stability, all while strengthening your Core and eliminating those stubborn love-handles. 

The Terra Glide is almost identical to its big brother, the Terra Core, with the primary difference being the retractable wheels which turn the Glide into an affective ab-roller. 

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On the website, the company describes the Glide as “a culmination of everything we know about training and strengthening the human-machine. The Terra-Glide is a balance trainer, Ab-roller, & weight. Perfect for – Crunches, Burpees, Planks, and Agility Work. Designed and built for commercial use, it partners seamlessly with dumbbells, kettlebells, medicine balls, suspension training. 

The Terra Core and Glide were actually featured on the well-known TV show, Shark Tank, and were immediately offered $300,000 by one of the show’s judges, Lori Greiner. Since then, the Glide and Core have gone on to become international best-sellers. 

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How does the Terra Glide work?

The Terra Glide works in a similar somewhat identical way to the Terra Core, with one significant difference; the wheels. The Terra Glide enables users to strengthen their Core by using the machine as an ab-roller if and when desired.

The primary bonus of the Terra Glide compared to an average ab-roller is the Glide provides an endless amount of workout options that include both lower and upper body. The paradox between the flat and hard surfaces is where the magic really happens, and this simple yet effective system provides one of the most challenging workouts I’ve ever experienced. 

The brand has also released extensive study results on the effectiveness of both the Terra Glide and the Core, and to be honest, I can’t remember many fitness brands going to such lengths to gain customer support and satisfaction. Access to the results are easily found on the brand’s website and shows that the Glide is four times as effective at building muscle than traditional methods. 

With one side air-filled and the other flat, the Terra Glide goes above and beyond what other similar-priced pieces of equipment claim they can do. They even include hooks for you to strap various fitness tools like therabands that help to further enhance the lure of the Terra Glide.

But for me, the most outstanding feature is the fact that functional and practical movements are made so easy. Even if you’re a beginner, the movements are simple and straightforward. If you get stuck, you can easily access the app and view the correct way to perform the movements.  

Terra Glide Specs

  • Color: Black and yellow
  • Materials: High-density polyethylene
  • Dimensions: 24 inches x 15 inches x 7 inches
  • Weight: 19 lbs or 9 kgs
  • Maximum weight: 500lbs (reccommede 250lbs) 
  • Functionality: Ab-roller, weight machine, balance and stabiloty 
  • Workout programs: Hundreds of exercises and movements 
  • Tech: Terra-Core (iOS, Android, Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV)

What we Liked & What Could be Better

All in all, the Terra Glide is one excellent piece of home gym equipment; it’s made from high-quality construction materials, ergonomically designed, and most importantly, looks cool; however, as with anything in life, everything has its pros and cons.

Things I liked:

  • Excellent construction quality and design
  • Ergonomic and stylish looking design
  • Very popular among fitness buffs for many years now
  • Exceeding numbers of great reviews from verified customers
  • Provides users with confidence while working out
  • Lifetime warranty offered is an industry leader

Things To Consider:

  • A few users have complained of squeaky wheels, but this is nothing some cleaning, and a quick spray with some WD-40 can’t fix
  • Unfortunately, when signing up for the free 14-day trial to the app, your credit card is required; it’s important to note that you’re not charged anything, but it would still be good if your credit card were not needed.
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Terra Glide Benefits 

Easy to transport

One of the top features of the Terra Glide is the wheels because it allows you to move the machine around with relative ease and dramatically reduces the chance of injury by not having to lift heavy gym equipment. You can work out with the Terra Glide anywhere you please; in the garden or back yard, or how about next to the pool? Then you could jump in straight in to cool off; nice!


For years now, ab-rollers have been incredibly popular in the fitness industry, with literally dozens of brands on the market. The wheels on the Terra Glide are some of the best constructed I’ve seen, and the fact that you can retract them makes them even better. The wheels also provide a tremendously challenging workout for your entire body but specifically the core, midsection, and those stubborn “love-handles.”

High-Quality Construction

The high quality of construction and materials used to manufacture the Terra Glide makes for a refreshing change, especially since so many other brands use cheap materials like plastic which are easily broken and provide no confidence to the user. The rubber used is extremely lightweight and durable and provides users with peace of mind knowing they can workout confidently and safely. The Terra Glide should last for years and years if looked after correctly.  


Not many companies put their money where their mouth is, but that’s precisely what you get with the Terra Glide. The lifetime warranty is simply an industry leader and is quite rare to see, particularly in the health and fitness niche. The company stands by their product and offer full transparency, which goes a long way to gaining customer satisfaction.

Content Galore

Many brands burst onto the scene with fancy marketing, stylish-looking machines, and outlandish promises, but most of them leave out quality content in terms of training and workout programs. The Terra Glide on-demand app is one of the best out there, and as a former professional coach, it’s easy to see the amount of thought that’s gone into it. The app is super easy to navigate and offers various programs, from agility and balance workouts to yoga and stretching routines.

Functional and Practical Exercises

Let me tell you; the most underrated training out there are simple, practical, functional exercises. These movements are used in our everyday lives and help us move efficiently throughout the day. Stability, balance, and agility play significant roles in strengthening our bodies and help to drastically reduce the chance of serious long-term injury. Functional movements help rectify muscle imbalances and do an excellent job at aiding us to keep a correct posture.

Things You May Want To Consider

In my expert opinion, the biggest downside of the Terra Glide is its main competitor is made by the same company, the Terra Core. So deciding which one makes sense for you will be the most significant consideration, especially as both are priced identically. 

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What Exercises/ Workouts Can You Perform with the Terra Glide?

When it comes to the number of exercises you can perform on the Terra Glide, they seem almost limitless, which is quite perplexing for such a compact and lightweight piece of home gym equipment. The secret behind the versatility lies in the wheels, the flat surface, and the soft surface; combining these allows for literally dozens of different exercises you can perform.

Example of exercises you can perform on the Terra Glide

  • Crunches
  • Burpees 
  • Planks and side planks
  • Squats
  • Push-ups 
  • Lower and upper body movements
  • Agility movements
  • Stability and balance exercises

There really is no shortage to the number of exercises available, and with the Terra Glide on-demand app offering live classes and full access to limitless training programs, the sky is the limit for variety. 

The Terra Glide also works seamlessly with other pieces of fitness equipment such as kettlebells, therabands, medicine balls, weighted jackets, and even sandbags. 

The wheels are the prominent feature of the Terra Glide and allow for a wide range of variety when it comes to working out. Stability and balance exercises are ideal on the Glide, and the demands placed on your core strengthen your abs and will have them popping for summertime. 

What Muscles Does the Terra Glide Work with?

The Terra Glide might look like it’s only designed to target your core and mid-section, but nothing could be further from the truth. With wheels that make balance and stability priority and both flat and hard surfaces, the Terra Glide delivers a complete full-body workout.

The beauty of the system is what engages so many different muscles and muscle groups. The balance and stability required place the Terra Glide higher on the effective scale than other similar brands when working out. 

Primary Muscle groups worked

  • Core and Midsection
  • Hamstrings
  • Quadriceps
  • Upper and lower back
  • Glutes
  • Chest
  • Biceps and triceps

Due to the flat side being coupled with wheels on the alternate side, the Terra Glide really does place enormous demands on balance and stability; these high demands build muscle in a fun and effective way.

Don’t forget about your legs either, as these play a critical role when it comes to balance and stability; You can perform lunges and even squats to get those legs looking great for summer. 

What do customer reviews say?

One of the best ways to get a feel for how any piece of home gym equipment works is to read the reviews. Whether good, bad or in the middle, reviews from verified purchasers go a long way in helping you make the right decision.

Let’s have a look at what three verified customers have to say about the Terra Glide.

Lindsey said, “I’m pretty excited about this purchase. I went online to buy a Bosu ball when I saw this. It’s about the same price with the great discount I got, and it also rolls—same stability/balance options, with the added bonus of the wheels. I’m so happy I bought this instead. I used it for lateral lunges, and it was so effective! Plus, with supervision, my baby is enjoying slapping it like a drum and rolling around with it.”

Dmax mentioned, “Really happy with my new Terra Glide. Great fitness tool! You can do so many things with this piece of equipment. Highly recommend.”

Melissa said, “It’s so much fun, and my grandkids love it too. So many different types of workouts and fun with my grandkids.

Wrap it up: Who is the Terra Glide Best For?

As a professional coach who has been lucky enough to use many different types of fitness equipment over the years, it’s always exciting to try something new. 

I was pleasantly surprised by the versatility of the Terra Glide, which actually offers users dozens of varying exercises that challenge not only the core and mid-section but provide a total body workout. The Terra Glide is ideal for those who want to shape up around the mid-section and finally get rid of those “love-handles.”

Are you after a total body workout? You won’t be disappointed either because the Terra Glide places high demands on your muscles, forcing them to stabilize and balance while you workout. Performing a simple push-up, for example, is made much tougher with the Terra Glide and, as such, builds muscle rather effectively.

Finally, if you’re looking for a piece of equipment that’s easy to transport, the Terra Glide makes an ideal addition to any home gym; its small, light, and compact size makes it easy to use and transport.

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