I have been a spinning instructor for many years and have had a lot of experience with indoor cycling from an interactive standpoint.

What I feel makes an excellent indoor bike and gives you the best value for money is:

– Connectivity to applications – Multiple Workouts – If the screen can turn for the user – Size and Quality of the Screen

Let’s get talking about some fantastic bikes now.

Bowflex VeloCore Bike

Provides the rider with an incredibly realistic riding experience, closely simulating riding outside on roads or up and down your favorite mountain climb.


freebeat™ Lit Bike

It has a music-based app with gaming elements, and the construction is sturdy and durable. Comes with a 22" HD Touchscreen, Auto Resistance System, and more.


BODi (MYX II) by Beachbody

It has a 21.5” swivel screen, which is excellent quality and works well. The bike‘s internals are solid, but unlike any other bike on this list isn’t a frictionless system.


Echelon EX5S

The screen is a fantastic HD Touch screen and has full swivel ability. Internally they use a frictionless resistance system and a belt drive.


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