Although bikes such as the Peloton and the NordicTrack S27i are excellent, many riders are making their own custom indoor cycling setups to suit their needs.

It’s a fantastic way to enjoy interactive indoor cycling for much less money. You do require parts to make this work, and one, in particular, is a tablet holder.

Now for the fun bit, let’s speak about the best tablet holder for exercise bikes. These are our favorite four.

JUBOR Tablet Holder

This works best with bikes that have an aero position. If not, it can get a little close to you.


Lamicall Exercise Bike Tablet Holder

It’s very efficient and even comes with a rope pull to help fit the tablet in, which we like but feel they are not really needed if we’re honest.


Woleyi Tablet Holder

It has a clamp band and a large base to hold tablets and phones if required. I have to say, although it looks large in pictures on the website, in person, it’s much smaller.


KDD Tablet Holder

It feels great and doesn’t at all come across cheaply made. It is the largest out of all the holders we have tested, but that’s not always bad, as it can fit big devices.


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