Indoor cycling is growing in popularity every year, and we’re seeing more and more bikes hit the market all the time. One company we hear so much about is Sunny Health and Fitness.

They are one of the biggest manufacturers of spinning bikes, and they get rave reviews left, right, and center.

In this story, we wanted to tell you all about it and why you might consider it your bike of choice when it comes to indoor training.

Riding Experience & Performance 5/5

The Sunny SF-B1709 is a great bike to ride. It’s silky smooth to ride, and even when applying lots of power, it just works so well.


Construction Quality & Durability 5/5

It’s a solid bike, and it feels very well-built. It all goes together really well, and it just feels like nothing is over or under-engineered.


Assembly Process 4/5

The instructions were very clear, and for me personally, it took around 30 minutes, but I would allow an hour.


Comfort & Adjustability 4/5

We scored the SF-B1709 a three on comfort. Although it has more than enough adjustability to play with, we found the saddle pretty uncomfortable.


Support, Financing Options & Warranty 4/5

The customer service gets good reviews if you require any after-sales assistance, and the support is better than other spin bike companies.


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