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By Robbie Ferri CPT

CPT & Indoor Cycling Instructor

Nordictrack is a huge player when it comes to fitness equipment and when they made the S22i bike, they sealed a place in the market as one of the best suppliers of spinning bikes. Many people have been talking about the new S27i, and we understand why it is an incredible machine. In this article/ review, we’re going to tell you all about it and why you should consider it as your next indoor cycle.

What we liked and what we didn’t

To give you a quick summary of the Nordictrack S27i, here’s what we thought was excellent and what we weren’t the biggest fan of if you’re short on time.


  • The screen size is incredible
  • It’s much faster than the previous models
  • The scenic rides are incredible
  • Auto incline decline and resistance control
  • iFit has massively improved
  • Button controls


  • Top of the price range
  • Larger Bike

S27i New 2022 vs. Old 2021 Model: How They Compare?

One thing that is very important to speak about is that Nordictrack is always updating its products, and typically each year, they get better and better. The older versions are excellent, but you will want to be on the latest. The later models have much quicker loading screens, a better climbing motor, it’s much easier to adjust the bike, the assembly is easier, and even resale is much better if you ever want to upgrade.

Specifically, the 2022 model has the following improvements:

  • a new incline system making it a whole lot faster, smoother and quieter,
  • a new speaker system with the speakers now located in the front,
  • new hybrid pedals so you can use clip-in shoes as well as regular shoes with toe cages, and
  • the screen now rotates 360 degrees

Note: We have also spoken to a NordicTrack representative and confirmed the above.

new features s27i nordictrack

Detailed Review

NordicTrack NEW S27i Studio Cycle

Nordictrack made the s22i years ago, and it has advanced consistently throughout the years. This advancement has ended up making the s27i which is just such an incredible machine, and we can highly recommend it as an excellent purchase.

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  • NEW 27” Rotating & Tilting Smart HD Touchscreen
  • NEW 2-Sided SPD Pedals
  • NEW 30W Premium Audio
  • IMPROVED Ergonomic Padded Saddle
  • IMPROVED Handlebar Improvement
  • 217 Lb. In Box Product Weight
  • 57” L x 28” W x 65” H Footprint
  • 10-Year Frame, 2-Year Parts & 1-Year Labor Warranty

The Nordictrack S27i 57” in length, 28” in width, and 65” in height. They don’t recommend a height range on the S27i, but after extensive research from users online, you will be looking between 4ft 10” to 6ft 10” from what I can gather from users who have the bike. The weight limit is 350lbs which is excellent, and it is one of the highest we have seen on the market.

Connectivity and Applications

The bike has a Bluetooth connection which can link you with heart rate monitors, headphones, and other devices. The application that Nordictack locks the bike to is iFit, and it is incredible. It costs $396 a year for a family plan or $180 a year, which for everything you get is a great value. You get live studio classes, recorded studio classes, outdoor instructed rides, off-the-bike classes such as yoga, strength training, and even nutrition help. A new feature of the application is that it looks at your training and fitness and adjusts resistance to ensure you’re not working too hard or too easy.

ifit ride the world s22i studio bike

Construction and Quality

When Nordictrack makes a product, they make it to a commercial-grade, which is good enough for use in a gym. That means it needs to be able to work for multiple hours each day. This is exactly the quality you can expect, and it is of an incredibly high standard. The construction of the bike is very well thought through, and it feels solid to ride.

Resistance System

One of the best things about this bike is the resistance system. It has 24 levels and will be perfect for anyone from a beginner spinner to a professional cyclist. Unlike many bikes, this is controlled by a button, or you can leave the class instructor to do it for you automatically. You also have the bike‘s intelligent system, which can follow your fitness and make minor adjustments to make each workout perfect for you personally. 

Incline Decline Feature

One thing that really makes this bike stand out is the incline and decline feature. This means when you’re riding in a class or doing a scenic route and come to a hill, the front of the bike will automatically lift up, and when coming down, the hill will decline too. It’s an incredible feeling and can go from +20 degrees to -10 degrees. It’s a huge amount of fun, and even in classes, the instructor can control it.

incline and decline s22i

Drive System and Flywheel

The bike internally is very good, and you’re looking at some of the best technology here. It is a completely frictionless system which means that the bike is incredibly smooth, and none of the moving parts touch. The resistance is created by magnetics and uses eddy current to slow you down and create pressure on the pedals. This also means there’s really no maintenance needed for the bike to run smoothly consistently.

The flywheel is very small and light, coming in at only 14kg. It’s very intelligent and is weighted properly to spin faster and make the bike smoother and more efficient under heavy use. We are seeing many high-end brands go in this direction, and it just makes the experience when riding so much better.


When it comes to spinning, it’s not an entirely comfortable experience on many bikes. On the S27i, they have had a big focus on this, and compared to other bikes riding it is more pleasurable. The saddle is very good, and the chunky handlebars feel excellent for grip. One thing that helps the comfort is the buttons on the handlebars. It means you can get comfortable and stay in that position instead of shuffling to use a resistance dial.


The monitor on the S27i is just better than anything we currently have on the market. It is 27” and makes you feel so immersed in the riding. Not only is it larger than other screens, but the quality is also very impressive, and it loads much quicker than the previous models. You also have an upgraded speaker system that is very loud and a fan on the bottom to keep you cool.

touch screen tilts and rotates 360° s22i nordictrack


Pedals are very important when it comes to spinning as they are one of the most vital contact points on the bike. The pedals on the S27i are of a very high standard. On one side, you have a typical grippy flat pedal with a toe strap for trainers, and on the other, you have the SPD clip-in attachment for cycling shoes. It’s exactly what should be on the bike, and they have got this perfect.


The bigger and better bikes get, the harder they can be to move around, but Nordictrack has found a way around this. Using the smaller flywheel, dropping the weights to the back, and joining the cross member on the bottom of the bike, although larger, it is very easy to move around.


The bike can be adjusted on the saddle height, handlebar height, and the reach to the handlebars from the saddle, which is fairly standard on a bike like this. The only thing it can do is move the handlebars back and forward, but many bikes are not able to either.


On previous models, the bike was a little bit more challenging than most but on the new model, this is a very different story. They have welded the cross member and send the bike with the pedals and other accessories already in which has made it one of the easiest spin bike assemblies we came across.


The warranty is pretty good on the S27i. You get 10 years on the frame, 2 years on parts, and 1-year labor. It’s a great warranty, but because the build quality seems so good, it is very rarely used from what I can gather on forums.

Usual Problems

Typically these bikes don’t get a huge amount of issues. One thing people do find is they have issues connecting to the wifi, and it can drop out in between sessions on the bike. An easy fix is you just need to reconnect it.

User Reviews

Just like we are a huge fan of this bike, so are many others, and it is reviewed very highly by many people. Over the years, they have been upgrading the bike, and it has just become one of the best bikes available now.

Comparisons with other bikes

When it comes to spinning bikes, it’s always good to look at a few competitors and understand where the bike you’re looking at sits in the market. We have taken some close comparisons and are going to tell you how it matches up.

Nordictrack S27i vs. Nordictrack S22i 

Nordictrack S22i (New Model)

The bike itself is an incredible machine and has an incline and decline feature, which means when you ride, a motor will raise and drop the front of the bike. The screen is 22” HD and uses an application called iFit for all your live and pre-recorded classes.

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These bikes are very similar, and the only difference is really in the screen. The 27 in S27i is the screen size, and the 22 in S22i is also the screen size; the main difference is the 5” on the screen. You also have better speakers on the S27i but a smaller fan than the s22i. You will also see the screen on the S27ito be more responsive with a slightly better processor. If you want to learn more, you can read our S27i versus S22i comparison and our detailed Nordictrack S22i Bike Review.

Nordictrack S27i vs. Nordictrack S15i

NordicTrack Commercial S15i

The NordicTrack Commercial S15i iFit Studio Cycle includes a 14" HD Touch Screen and a one-year subscription to iFit. This bike is equipped with an inertial-enhanced flywheel and offers 22 digital resistance levels.

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With the S15i, again, it comes down to the screen more than anything. The main difference is that the S27i has a 27” screen, and the S15i has a 15” screen. The technology is also more up-to-date on the S27i with a more modern, faster incline motor and a faster processor on the screen.

Nordictrack S27i vs. MYX II Bike

The MYX II Bike maybe half the price, but it doesn’t have as much to offer. The first thing to mention is the bike, from a technology standpoint, is nowhere near as advanced. The main thing to mention is it uses a friction resistance system which is noisier and isn’t very modern.

Nordictrack S27i vs. Bowflex Velocore

Bowflex VeloCore

Provides the rider with an incredibly realistic riding experience, closely simulating riding outside on roads or up and down your favorite mountain climb.

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The Bowflex Velocore is one of the only bikes that can lean side to side while riding, and that is the main difference from the Nordictrack S27i. They are both very different bikes and offer a lot to the user, but the s27i has the incline decline and a much larger screen.

Nordictrack S27i vs. Peloton

Peloton Bike

Maybe the most popular indoor cycle, and for a good reason. Excellent quality with an excellent app for beginners and experts. The only downside it that users cannot change resistance when using apps like Zwift etc.

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The Peloton is a legendary bike in the current market, but they haven’t advanced as quickly as Nordictrack, and I feel they have fallen behind. The first thing to mention is that Peloton cannot incline or decline. It doesn’t have as big a screen, and subscription-wise does cost more. Peloton does have a fantastic community, but it doesn’t keep up with the S27i currently. You can check all the differences of the two bikes in our detailed S27i vs. Peloton comparison.


Is the Nordictrack s27i better than the Peloton?

They are both incredible bikes, but the s27i has more features such as the incline and decline, the cooling fan, and iFit the application they use has also advanced a lot in the past few years. For similar money, it offers more.

Can you watch Netflix on the Nordictrack S27i?

Although it is not advertised, there is a way you are able to by installing the application on the android tablet they provide, and you can use it while you train. We know it’s possible, but this could change with updates in the future.

Can you use the Nordictrack S27i without a subscription?

Yes, you can, but you only get limited classes and lose many of the features. If you are going to spend the money on a bike like this, it’s worth having the subscription to get the best out of it.

Do you need special shoes for the Nordictrack S27i?

The pedals work for both special spinning shoes and trainers, too, so you can use whatever you like on the s27i. 


Nordictrack S27i (NEW) REVIEW

Nordictrack made the s22i years ago, and it has advanced consistently throughout the years. This advancement has ended up making the s27i which is just such an incredible machine, and we can highly recommend it as an excellent purchase. It is one of the best spinning bikes on the market currently and could well be the best.

Robbie Ferri CPT

Robbie from “Riding with Robbie” is a Personal Trainer living in in Norfolk, UK. He has bikepacked all over the World, and also raced ultra distance at a top-level. He has worked closely with industry leaders such as Shimano.

3 thoughts on “Nordictrack S27i Review (New Bike Model 2022) | By a Spin Instructor”

  1. Hi Robbie,

    The fan seems significantly smaller than the S22i, is it a noticeable difference when using the bike and if so, do the other newer advantages, like the faster processor outweigh the smaller fan?

  2. Hi Robbie,
    Appreciate the article. Thank you.

    I see the 2022 S27i model has weights around the back and not held in the front.

    What are the other differences as your picture shows the 2021 model but is about the improvements on the the 2022 model in comparison.

    Thank you.

    • Hi Jay!

      The differences are summarized in the second section where is also an image. Regarding the product image, we used the official image of the NordicTrack site, but we will check if they forgot to update it.

      We have also spoken to a NordicTrack representative just to be sure of those; in short, the 2022 model has the following improvements:

      – a new incline system making it a whole lot faster, smoother and quieter,
      – a new speaker system with the speakers now located in the front,
      – new hybrid pedals so you can use clip-in shoes as well as regular shoes with toe cages, and
      – the screen now rotates 360 degrees

      We hope that helps.


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