Keiser M3i vs. M3: How They Compare?

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By Robbie Ferri, Cyclist, Personal Trainer, and Group Exercise Instructor.

Keiser as a brand has a few indoor cycles. Their two flagship bikes are the Keiser M3i and the M3. There’s a single letter that separated them in name but realistically, how different actually are they?

Keiser M3iKeiser M3
Monitor with power functionxx
4 Way adjustable Handlebarsx
Bluetooth Connectivityx
Rear-Facing Flywheelxx
Multiple Applicationsx
Butterfly Barsx
Traditional Handlebars
M3i vs M3 Comparison Table

How do the bikes compare?

Keiser M3i vs. M3

In this next section, we will talk about the main difference between the legendary Keiser bikes. They look the same, but they do differ significantly, and we don’t want you to end up disappointed if you purchase the wrong one for you.


The bikes themselves are very similar. They have a beautiful V-Shaped design. Not only does this make the Keiser Bikes stand out but also it also is very intelligent. Using a V shape system means the higher the saddle, the further away from the handlebars, helping you get the correct fit. It also has an epic rear-facing flywheel, which isn’t just to look good. It’s so when you sweat. It doesn’t get into the internals and damage the bike.

When looking at the two bikes, the main difference you will see is the handlebars. The M3 has the traditional spinning handlebars, which are what a lot of people are used to. They are two-way adjustable and can only go up and down. 

Then we have the Keiser M3i, which has butterfly handlebars and is entirely different from the traditional M3 bars. They offer a variety of different positions, and they are four-way adjustable, so they can go up, down, back, and forth. 


Both the Keiser bikes are completely built in the US, and the attention to detail is incredible. In my opinion, this is the highest level of quality you can get, and you can tell that it is built in house, unlike pretty much every other brand on the market.

Monitor and Connectivity

I believe in modern-day indoor cycling having the option of data and connectivity is vital, and it can completely change the way you train. You can train towards your fitness goals intelligently. The Keiser will give you all the data you need on the screen and even comes with a power meter. Keiser also offers excellent connectivity, and they don’t lock the bike to any single application.

keiser m app rank

They give you pretty much all the same data between the two bikes, but there’s one massive difference. The M3, as a standard bike, cannot connect to external applications or sync to a phone or tablet. You need to purchase the Keiser Bluetooth Adaptor, and then you will have the capability to link to other devices.

The M3i has the converter inbuilt, so when you unpack the bike to start spinning, it’s ready to go. You can link up to applications such as Peloton, Zwift, and even trainer road. They also have their own application in which you can track your fitness progress. The beauty of the Keiser series is they are not locking you into apps they want you to use.

Resistance System

Both the bikes share the same resistance system, and it is incredible. It doesn’t use a chain drive as many bikes do, but it uses a belt drive. This gives the bike a silky smooth feel, and it requires no oil and very little maintenance. 

Alongside the belt drive system, you also have a magnetic resistance system which is entirely frictionless. Unlike traditional bikes that will use a brake pad, the Keiser uses an eddy current to create resistance. This gives you 24 levels of resistance and will offer a vast range great for beginners and cycling pros.

Unlike other spinning bikes on the market, it also doesn’t use a dial. It uses a resistance lever that you change by shifting it up and down. This makes getting into a heavy climbing resistance quickly, saving time and energy.


When it comes to the Keiser bikes, you have some excellent accessories. You have the media tray, the stretch pads, and even a floor mat. It’s nice to see that Keiser looks for ways to add to the experience, and we think it’s very forward-thinking.

The standard M3 doesn’t come with any accessories, and the only one you can use is the mat. When it comes to the M3i, it can use all accessories and add a lot of value to the experience of a workout.

Which one is for you?

  • If you’re looking for a traditional spin bike and are not worried about going on Zwift or using applications, then the M3 is the bike for you. It will limit you, but it will be cheaper, and if you change your mind in the future, you have the option to upgrade.
  • If you are looking for a machine to link to applications like Zwift and Peloton, the M3i is the bike for you. It does cost more, but it offers a lot more. The butterfly handlebars also are a nice touch.


Kaiser makes an incredible bike, and whichever you choose, you’re making a great decision and a safe purchase. They know precisely what they’re doing as far as spinning bikes go.

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