CLMBR Review: I tried it in a CLMBR studio for a day!

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By Katie Pierson CPT

Certified Spinning® Instructor & CPT

Are you looking for a low-impact machine that cranks out a high-intensity workout to shake up your fitness routine? Then trying the CLMBR might be your solution. I recently felt disenchanted with my regular fitness routine, so I tried the CLMBR studio in Denver. I was shocked at the different muscles this machine targeted while remaining low impact and enabling my spine to stay neutral.

CLMBR machines in the studio in Denver

Keep reading to learn all about the CLMBR.

My Experience with CLMBR

One of the two CLMBR studios in the U.S. happened to be in Denver, so I was lucky that I was able to drive to the studio. I loved the studio vibe and the Guides’ energy (CLMBR Instructors). They are very knowledgeable and passionate about this machine, and it was great to learn from them firsthand about this machine, proper riding form, and how to get the most from the classes. One of the Guides at the Denver CLMBR Studio was Lauren Hurd, and I had the opportunity to ask her what makes this workout so great after she tired me out from one of her amazing workouts.

There are so many different formats and styles, so there is something for everyone. It just slays”, said Hurd. “Even though it is a little intimidating, it is addicting. It is physically and mentally challenging but also very rewarding”, she added. She has taught CLMBR for four years, and her classes are electric.

Lauren Hurd, CLMBR instructor
Lauren Hurd, CLMBR instructor

Before discussing what makes the CLMBR so fantastic, I want to touch on my favorite part of the studio experience. CLMBR studios illuminate the entire ceiling to the beat of the music compared to your standard stage set-up. I absolutely loved the vibe! While you get to experience a taste of this from the on-demand classes, it doesn’t compare to being in the studio. So once you fall in love with your CLMBR at home, I also encourage you to try a Studio class.

Now, let’s discuss what makes the CLMBR so unique. While many other pieces of equipment activate particular muscle groups, the CLMBR is a total body workout. It requires full body activation to keep your balance on the machine and to move it through the range of motion. While some exercises might also be considered a total body, these are often high-impact, such as running. I loved that this machine could deliver an intense workout while remaining completely low-impact. In addition to being a low-impact workout, the proper body position on the CLMBR enables the spine to stay in a neutral place, allowing a wide range of people to use this equipment. Here are a few metrics that CLMBR boasts: 60% more efficient than cycling and rowing machines, and you can burn up to 650 calories in a 30-minute class. 

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The CLMBR offers a fun and challenging workout. Although this piece of equipment is a little more expensive, it packs a powerful punch for the muscles worked and calories burned during every session.

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CLMBR Specifications

  • Price $3,495
  • Item Weight 180 Pounds
  • User Weight 350 Pounds
  • User Height Range 4’11” – 7’
  • Material Aluminum
  • Dimensions LxWxH ‎ 35 x 32 x 88 inches


  • Low-impact exercise
  • Provides a total body workout
  • Offers three handle positions
  • Fits a wide height range
  • Available in studios and at home
  • Smaller footprint than other fitness equipment


  • Expensive
  • 1-year warranty
  • Requires 8’ ceilings
  • Noisier than other types of fitness equipment, such as spin bikes



CLMBR offers three different membership plans: Base, Metrics+, and Premium.

  • Base: The Base plan is free and only offers open climbs.
  • Metrics+: For those satisfied with basic statistics, the Metrics+ plan for $9.99 might be right for you. This plan includes basic benchmarks, challenges, achievements, and workout history. The basic benchmarks included are distance climbed, average pace, and badge progress. 
  • Premium: The Premium subscription is available for $39.99 per month and includes access to on-demand classes, advanced metrics+, advanced competitions, and the ability to access on-demand classes via the mobile app. Purchasers get a 30-day free trial to test the premium membership after purchasing the CLMBR.
CLMBR studio in Denver

CLMBR Screen Library

Class Library

The CLMBR library includes various guide-led and open climb classes. These classes can range in duration from 5 to 30 minutes long. CLMBR offers various class formats, collections, competitions, and challenges to keep the workouts fresh. CLMBR offers over 150 on-demand classes, with new classes added each week. 

Class Formats

Whether you prefer to dance or complete more of a boot camp style class, CLMBR has it all for you. One of the coolest features is the playlist selection feature that is offered. Now users can select their preferred music, and if they decide to take the class a second time, they do not have to listen to the same music twice. 

  • HIIT: The high-intensity interval training classes combine strength, power, speed, and endurance.
  • Rhythm: For those that like to dance, these classes are choreographed to the rhythm of the music. These classes are also the ones that are taught in the studios and the ones that I was able to take. I loved the combinations, how everything tied to the beat of the music, and how the lights flashed on the ceiling. 
  • Bootcamp: Bootcamp classes include exercising on and off of the CLMBR. 
  • Interval: Interval classes are completed on the CLMBR. The Guides curate all of the playlists. 
An interval is a short burst of high-intensity exercise that raises the heart rate, followed by a recovery period. When interval training, try to aim for 80% of your max heart rate for the duration of the interval. 
Katie Pierson, CPT


Like Peloton and other market platforms, the collections category features special holidays and themes to keep the workouts current and entertaining.


Are you up for a challenge? CLMBRS can test their fitness level and climb some of the most famous peaks in the world.


Even while at home, users can compete with others against time and distance during the selected class.

I really liked this feature in the studio, as it reminded me of the Peloton leaderboard. I could watch myself move up and down the leaderboard during the classes. 
Katie Pierson, CPT

User Profiles

Your user profile allows you to track your progress during every workout and watch the accumulated badges you earn. You can also connect to other friends as well. 

CLMBR studio in Denver lights off

Mechanics & Construction

Quality / Durability

The construction quality of the CLMBR is impressive as it requires a small footprint but is still incredibly sturdy. The base of this piece of equipment is only 34” X 38”, but it can accommodate users up to 350 pounds. 


The frame is crafted from aluminum and weighs 180 pounds. Unlike other climbers on the market, the frame of the CLMBR includes two vertical beams that allow users to climb without having to straddle a single beam in the middle.


This model includes oversized textured ergonomic pedals. The pedals also have foot straps that help secure your foot. Although the foot straps are optional, I still highly recommend using them.


Users enjoy a 21.5” HD monitor that allows for Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity. A small device rack is on the monitor, ideal for a phone.


Since the handles can be adjusted in 1” increments, finding a comfortable handle height is easy. The CLMBR uses three handle positions during class: over, under, and neutral. 

The different handle positions allow for other muscles to be actively engaged. The lateral delts, triceps, and trapezius muscles are activated in the overhand grip. While using the underhand grip, the biceps, and latissimus dorsi muscles are engaged. Finally, the neutral hand position engages the upper body equally and is used most often during class during the choreography portions. The handles bars also have the option to fold up as well. The folded handled bars allow the users to grip the hand grips that are lower on the machine for bouts of squats where the primary focus is on lower body and abdominal activation. 

Vertical Reach

The vertical reach can be as large as 20”, spaced in 1” increments. The large vertical reach accommodates a wide range of user heights but also provides different goals to reach for during class. I really liked that the Guides explained where your reach should be during that portion of the class. Especially as it came closer to the end and you became rather tired, although you might have felt you were between 17-20”, it was nice to have a reminder to check. Also, the expansive vertical reach helps to increase VO2 Max. According to CLMBR, “The maximum rate of oxygen consumption measured during incremental exercise has been shown to be significantly greater during climbing.”


The resistance on the CLMBR adjusts digitally from levels 1 through 11. The machine includes magnetic resistance.


Since the CLMBR is a low-impact machine, it is smooth as it goes through the range of motion. However, this machine is not as quiet as a magnetic spin bike or elliptical machine since you hear the components moving up and down the vertical bars. Due to the sturdy design, you can easily move throughout the range of motion without the machine shaking, making each move more efficient.


Although this piece of equipment is very tall, it does include wheels on the bottom. Since it is a tall and heavier piece of equipment, it might take some practice to move the CLMBR since it needs to be tilted. 

CLMBR studio in Denver 2

Warranty, Customer Service, & Delivery

The CLMBR offers a limited 12-month warranty on parts and equipment. It was surprising to us that a piece of equipment at this price level includes such a small warranty window. An extended warranty can be purchased.

However, this product includes a white glove service where professional movers deliver and assemble your CLMBR.

Tip: I always use this service when possible since it gives me relief that the equipment is assembled correctly.

Katie Pierson, CPT

Customers receive their CLMBR on average in about 4-6 weeks from placing their order.

Bottom Line

The CLMBR offers a fun and challenging workout. Although this piece of equipment is a little more expensive, it packs a powerful punch for the muscles worked and calories burned during every session. 

CLMBR studio in Denver pink lights
Katie Pierson CPT

Katie has been a certified fitness professional for twenty years and holds ten fitness certifications, including Spinning Elite and Personal Training. She has shared her expert knowledge in many fitness outlets like Bicycling & Verywellfit.

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