FLYBIRD Adjustable Dumbbells Review: I Tried Them for 6 Months

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By Katie Pierson CPT

Certified Spinning® Instructor & CPT

Are you tired of needing multiple sets of dumbbells to get a great workout? The FLYBIRD Adjustable Dumbbells might be your solution. Instead of needing 4-5 different sets of dumbbells to achieve a total body workout, one set of FLYBIRD Adjustable dumbbells is all that is necessary. With a quick turn of the dumbbell, the weight can adjust from five to twenty-five pounds. Are these an option for you? Read on to find out. 

We jumped at the opportunity when FLYBIRD Fitness gave the team at Girl Bike Love a chance to try their 25-pound adjustable dumbbells. I was lucky enough for the opportunity to incorporate these dumbbells into my fitness routine for the past six months. I can’t wait to share my experience and tell you if they are really worth the hype. 

Are FLYBIRD Adjustable Dumbbells Worth It?

Yes, the FLYBIRD Adjustable Dumbbells are worth it. These affordable dumbbells are sold in 25 or 55-pound options and can be purchased as a pair or separately. They are not only incredibly easy to use but a huge space saver as well. Needless to say, I actually got rid of my multiple sets of dumbbells after trying these weights and saw no need to go back. I love the versatility I can now achieve, especially during my Tabata workouts, as the effort to change the weight settings on these dumbbells is so simple. One of the biggest things I noticed was how affordable these dumbbells were compared to competitors. A set of FLYBIRD’s 25-pound dumbbells is $179.98, almost half as expensive as others in the market. The affordability of the 55-pound dumbbells also outpaces the competition with a price tag of $359.98. *It is important to note that these dumbbell options are currently on sale at the time of this article, and prices are subject to change.

Official Store Deal: Save 97$ (35% OFF)
FLYBIRD Adjustable Dumbbell 25 Lbs (Set)

Features a visual weight dial with 5 weight options ranging from 5 to 25 lbs, allowing for quick weight changes during training. The safety lock prevents weight plates from falling off, while the locked-down design saves space and ensures secure storage. The one-handed operation design enables quick weight changes during training.

Price & Reviews

Before, I had three sets of dumbbells, and often my at-home weight training workouts were lacking since I needed higher-weight options but didn’t have the space for additional weights. The addition of these weights to my at-home equipment has allowed me to see fitness gains that were unattainable with my previous weights. My husband has even gotten into the mix of using them since they offer higher-weight options.

I have used other adjustable dumbbell brands in the past, and although those also saved space, the time it took to adjust and tighten the plates on each side of the dumbbell took much longer than FLYBIRD’s option. In addition, the weights automatically click into a new weight amount with a simple partial wrist rotation. Since I do not drop my dumbbells, this system works well for me as you need to place them back into their base trays. 

Pros & Cons

Easy to useHolders needed to change their weight
Great for smaller home gyms and apartmentsFLYBIRD workouts not available via an app
Wide weight range availableNot as durable as other models
Fast transitions between weight selections

Hands-On Testing Details

FLYBIRD adjustable dumbbells featured 2

FLYBIRD Fitness Adjustable Dumbbell Specs

Dimensions: 16.1” L x 7.9” W x 6.9” H
Weight range: 5-25 lbs
Materials: Plastic, iron
Adjustment mechanism: dial
Replaces: 5 sets of weights

Design and Build

The 25-pound weights include a combination of metal and plastic as the construction materials. This model features an aluminum alloy grip that is contoured to fit into your hand comfortably. The individual plates are crafted from metal. They also include a dial cover made of plastic on the inside of the five-pound weights. In addition, to the hand weight itself, a plastic tray is used to house the plates that are not in use and is needed when adjusting the weight. These weights are compact and replace up to five sets of regular dumbbells. 

FLYBIRD adjustable dumbbells with the weights on


The weight automatically adjusts to your selected weight with a simple wrist turn. The dumbbell must be placed into the FLYBIRD tray for adjustments. Since a small click is heard when changing weights, there is no need to make sure that the new weight selection has been executed, making them easy to use and allowing for quick adjustments to your workout routine. I love using these for drop sets, as the five-pound increments really help to maximize this type of weightlifting workout. 

Mechanics & Parts 

The main components of FLYBIRD’s adjustable dumbbells include a contoured alloy handle, metal weight plates, and an adjustable non-slip dumbbell tray. The lowest weight level of the 25-pound dumbbell is five pounds. The remaining weight selections are available within the dumbbell tray that can transform the dumbbell up to twenty-five pounds through five-pound increments. All weights include a protective coating for increased durability. With the weight dial system, a simple click allows the dumbbells to transition to heavier or weight selections using a lock groove system. The tray also allows for easy storage after your workouts are completed. 

Our Rating

After rating these FLYBIRD Dumbbells with Girl Bike Love’s rating system, we would like to share how we thought they held up through our trial process.

Official Store Deal: Save 97$ (35% OFF)
FLYBIRD Adjustable Dumbbell 25 Lbs (Set)

Features a visual weight dial with 5 weight options ranging from 5 to 25 lbs, allowing for quick weight changes during training. The safety lock prevents weight plates from falling off, while the locked-down design saves space and ensures secure storage. The one-handed operation design enables quick weight changes during training.

Price & Reviews

Construction Quality 9/10

Overall we thought that these included great construction quality. The design mechanism for how these dumbbells change weight is very thought out and with excellent execution. We loved how easy it was to change weight compared to other adjustable dumbbells on the market. This technology is much more advanced than the older adjustable dumbbells requiring users to alter plates and secure the weights manually. However, we did notice that you had to ensure that the dumbbell was in the correct position within the tray to change the weights. 

Durability: 7/10

We rated the durability of these dumbbells as a seven out of ten as the dumbbells themselves are crafted from alloy and seem very durable for regular use. However, just like for any dumbbell, dropping them can cause damage, especially so with this design. Our concern is that the trays are made from plastic, which could pose a problem as they could be damaged more easily than the dumbbells themselves. However, this shouldn’t be a big issue if you do not drop your equipment. In addition, the weights all include a protective coating to increase the life of the weights. 

Adjustability: 10/10

A perfect score was given for the adjustability of the dumbbells throughout our testing period. Unlike other models that require the manual moving of the plates for weight adjustment, these weights are incredibly simple when wanting to change load amounts. We loved the simple twist of the wrist to reach the desired weight amount quickly. Since the adjustments are quick, we loved using these dumbbells for drop sets and Tabata workouts.

FLYBIRD adjustable dumbbells in the tray

Value for Money 10/10

FLYBIRD adjustable dumbbells are a great value-for-money option compared to their competitors. With a price tag of $179.98 for a set of 25-pound dumbbells and $359.98 for 55-pound dumbbells, they are almost half as expensive as other options in the market. The affordability of these dumbbells makes them an attractive option for those seeking high-quality equipment without breaking the bank.


Customer Service

They offer customer service support Monday-Friday from 9 am-5 pm via a chat form or text message. I never had to contact them, as my experience with the product has been great. 


FLYBIRD Fitness offers a 30-day satisfaction guarantee and includes a one-year all-inclusive warranty. 

Comparison with Alternatives

Bowflex Adjustable Dumbbells

Bowflex currently offers two different adjustable dumbbell options, the 552 and 1090 Dumbbell models. Included in the purchase of either dumbbell system, Bowflex provides a one-year subscription to the JRNY app that now includes motion tracking. The motion tracking option is available through your tablet’s camera, which monitors your form and reps, and provides insights into when to increase or decrease your weight selection in real time. Additionally, included with the 552 and 1090 dumbbell options are free shipping and a 6-week money-back guarantee. Let’s look at these two systems in a little greater detail below.

Bowflex 552 Dumbbell

The 552 dumbbell system includes weight increments from 5 pounds to 52.5 pounds. A dial system helps adjust weight in five-pound increments up to 50 pounds, with the final adjustment ending at 52.5 pounds. This model replaces up to fifteen sets of dumbbells and is priced at $442. 

Bowflex 552 Specs and Dimensions

Dimensions: 16.9″ L x 8.3″ W x 9″ H
Assembled Weight with Base: 55.6 lbs
Warranty: 2 years
Material: Steel, Nylon, ABS, Thermoplastic Rubber

Bowflex 1090 Dumbbells

The 1090 adjustable dumbbells offer a weight range of 10 to 90 pounds, and weight adjustments are available in 5-pound increments. This model usually retails for $799 but is currently on sale for $599. These dumbbells replace up to seventeen sets of weights and are only offered as a pair.

Bowflex 1090 Adjustable Dumbbell Specs

Dimensions: 17.5″ L x 9.5″ W x 10″ H
Assembled Weight with Base: 92.3 lbs
Warranty: 3 years
Material: Steel, Nylon, ABS, Thermoplastic Rubber

Ativafit Adjustable Dumbbells

Ativafit offers six different adjustable dumbbell options. All models feature a 10 Lock Groove that assists in locking in your weight selections, iron weights, and a non-slip handle grip. In addition, Activafit offers free expedited shipping within the continental U.S. and a 1-year warranty on their adjustable dumbbell models. Read on to learn the various dumbbell options and features that Activafit offers.

  • 12.5-Pound Dumbbells: Priced at $99.99, this dumbbell option begins at a weight of 2.5 pounds and offers weight increments of 2.5 pounds. In addition, this model includes a GlideTech adjustor.
  • 27-Pound Dumbbells: The 27-pound dumbbells include a GlideTech adjustor and are valued at $189.99. These dumbbells are only available as a pair. The starting weight is 5.5 pounds, increasing by the same amount with each adjustment.
  • 44-Pound Dumbbells: This model includes a DialTech system for fast weight adjustments. The 44-pound dumbbells are sold exclusively as a pair and are priced at $269.99. The lowest weight setting for this model is 4.4 pounds, and it offers increments of 6.6 pounds.
  • 55-Pound Dumbbells: Beginning with a weight of 5.5 pounds, this dumbbell option offers weight increments of 5 pounds. Also offered as a pair, the 55-pound model is priced at $399.99.
  • 66-Pound Dumbbells: Sold as a pair, the price tag on this option is $469.99. This model also offers a reinforced tray to prolong the life of the equipment. This model is a 12 in 1 dumbbell and designed for intermediate users.
  • 71.5-Pound Dumbbells: Either sold as a pair or single, the weight range for this specific model is 11-71.5 pounds. This model is the most expensive option from Ativafit and retails for $599.98 per pair and $259.99 for a single dumbbell. The weight adjustment offers 5.5-pound increments with Ativafit’s exclusive DialTech technology.

Desire a more durable base tray? No problem! Whether you prefer red or grey, this model includes an upgraded tray with a double structure for increased sturdiness to minimize wear and tear. This dumbbell is also available in combination with the 66-pound model. This unique combination retails for $469.99.

Final Thoughts

FLYBIRD adjustable dumbbells featured 3

I absolutely recommend the adjustable dumbbells from FLYBIRD Fitness. They have completely changed my home gym, and I am so thankful. Therefore, I am NEVER going back to traditional dumbbells after using FLYBIRD’s model. While they were the right choice for me, they might not work for everyone’s needs. Check out our table below to see who will enjoy these the most.

Great ForNot Recommended For
People who want a wide range of weight amounts Smaller home gyms or apartments Those looking for affordable gym equipment with excellent design quality
People who prefer to drop their dumbbells at the end of a set People who require dumbbells that weigh more than 55 pounds
Katie Pierson CPT

Katie has been a certified fitness professional for twenty years and holds ten fitness certifications, including Spinning Elite and Personal Training. She has shared her expert knowledge in many fitness outlets like Bicycling & Verywellfit.

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