Freebeat vs. Peloton: A Detailed Comparison

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By Katie Pierson CPT

Certified Spinning® Instructor & CPT

You have probably heard the name Peloton before unless you are new to cycling. With almost six million Peloton members, Peloton is one of the planet’s most well-known in-home cycling brands. 

Although many different bikes are on the market, many do not compare to the Peloton. However, Freebeat now offers a live leaderboard that used to be a Peloton exclusive. Luckily, we had the chance to test the Freebeat Lit for thirty days to see exactly what this brand offered, and we can’t wait to share our first-hand experience. We will dive into how these two cycling brands stack up in this head-to-head comparison. Stick around to learn which brand is right for you.

We will dive into how these two cycling brands stack up in this head-to-head comparison. Stick around to learn which brand is right for you.

Critical Differences Between Peloton Bike+ & Freebeat Bikes

While Peloton is known for its unique community and the in-home studio-style riding experience, Freebeat looks to change the game with its gamified platform. Freebeat has a leaderboard similar to Peloton, and riders compete for the top spot by earning points when cycling to the beat. Freebeat riders are also rewarded for achieving those top spots by being entered to win various gift cards. 

Freebeat Lit Bike profile

Although Freebeat and the Peloton Bike+ have automatic resistance, Freebeat offers an algorithm we will discuss later in this article, designed specifically for each rider based on their performance level.

Peloton+Freebeat LitFreebeat Boom
Price$2,495Starting at $1,199Starting at $649
User Height Range4’11” – 6’4”4’11” – 6’4”4’11” – 6’4”
User Weight Maximum297 Pounds300 Pounds300 Pounds
Live ClassesYesNoNo
Earn PrizesNoYesYes
App AvailableYesNoNo
Cleats RequiredYesNoNo

Peloton Bikes Review

Peloton Bike

Maybe the most popular indoor cycle, and for a good reason. Excellent quality with an excellent app for beginners and experts. The only downside it that users cannot change resistance when using apps like Zwift etc.

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Peloton offers two great models the original Peloton Bike and its newest version, the Peloton Bike+. While these two Peloton bikes boast many of the same specs, a few differences set them apart. 

The resistance systems are among the most significant differences between the original Peloton Bike and the Peloton Bike+. While they both include 100 levels of magnetic resistance, the Bike+ offers auto-adjusting resistance. This means that as the instructor provides a resistance recommendation during class, the bike will automatically adjust so you never miss a beat.

The Bike+ also offers enhanced connectivity, display, and sound options. This includes an upgraded camera, subwoofers, Bluetooth connectivity, and Apple GymKit integration.

Peloton BikePeloton Bike+
Resistance100 Levels of Magnetic100 Levels of Magnetic
Auto ResistanceNoYes
User Height Range4’11” – 6’4”4’11” – 6’4”
User Weight Maximum297 pounds297 pounds
Screen Size21.5”23.8”
Camera5-megapixel front-facing camera8-megapixel front-facing camera with privacy cover
Bluetooth Connectivity4.05.0
Dimensions59″ L x 53″ H x 23″ W59″ L x 59″ H x 22″ W

Freebeat Bikes Review

While the Freebeat Lit and Boom bikes are almost identical in their specifications and riding experiences, the screen size and power differ. The Lit bike offers a much larger screen coming in at 21.5” in comparison to the 15.6” diagonal of the Boom bike. The other noticeable difference is the power differences. The Boom bike offers a Type-C power input, while the Lit bike offers an input of 100V to 240V, 50Hz to 60Hz, and 1.5A Max.

Freebeat LitFreebeat Boom
PriceStarting at $1,199Starting at $649
User Height Range4’11” – 6’4”5’0″ – 6’7″
User Weight Maximum300 pounds300 pounds
Screen Size21.5” diagonal15.6″ diagonal
Dimensions49.3” L x 58.8” H x 22.6” W51.5″ L × 51.5″ H × 24.7″ W
Flywheel Weight28.6 pounds15.4 pounds

Detailed Comparison of Peloton+ & Freebeat Bikes


The frame of the Peloton+ and Freebeat bikes include welded steel frames that are ED and powder coated. 


The sports series saddles offer a sleek competitive design for all three models. However, the Freebeat saddles include Smart Saddle Detection+. This feature plays a crucial role in Freebeat’s riding experience. The technology incorporated with the saddle identifies when the rider is riding in or out of the saddle and provides points as long as the rider is keeping with the beat during the ride. 

Freebeat Lit Bike saddle adjustments


The Peloton Bike+ offers a Look Delta pedal. However, the Freebeat bikes offer only standard bike pedals. 

Tip: It is always best to ride in cleats with specialized pedals as they help riders pedal more efficiently and decrease the chance of injuries.


While the Peloton + and Freebeat Bikes include auto-resistance that changes with the instructor’s cues, only Freebeat has an auto-resistance algorithm. This means the Freebeat learns about the rider and adjusts the resistance to provide a challenging and appropriate amount.

I liked this feature when riding the Freebeat Lit, as this bike continued to push and challenge me, sometimes more than I probably would have if I had added the resistance myself. 

Katie Pierson


Very few cycles on the market offer a leaderboard experience. However, you can climb the leaderboard riding a Peloton or a Freebeat bike. However, how you earn points to advance on the leaderboard varies.

Since the Freebeat focuses on riding to the beat of the music, riders receive points for finding that beat and getting bonus points for consecutive hits in and out of the saddle. Riders also have the chance to enter fun contests tied to the leaderboard to win various prizes, including gift cards to businesses like Amazon and Starbucks. Riders can also connect their PayPal account to their Freebeat bike and earn money over time as they continue to ride. 

Peloton’s leaderboard is tied to performance and energy output. This means riders advance on the leaderboard when they work at higher resistance levels paired with higher cadences. As riders reach specific goals, badges are added to their profiles in addition to receiving merchandise for other milestones that are gone. *I received a Peloton t-shirt after I finished 100 rides. Riders also earn vitality points that can be spent in the vitality mall for merchandise, electronics, books, and other household items. 

Riding Experience

Peloton is known for its riding experience as they have a strong following. The instructors are some of the best in the business, and the classes’ production quality helps make the riding experience fantastic. With the combination of live classes, a large variety of instructors, multiple class formats, different music options, and an extensive on-demand library, what else could they start to offer? Peloton now allows riders to video chat with friends while riding and added a gamification component. Riding the Peloton is all about performance and taking your fitness to the next level.

The Freebeat bike offers a unique riding experience with upbeat music and vivid imagery included in the on-demand classes. Although only three different music options are available in addition to a few instructors, the classes are fun and challenging with the gamification model this bike includes. Whether taking an instructor-led workout or playing a game resembling Guitar Hero, riding this bike is all about fun.   


Another advantage of the Peloton+ Bike is the access to the Peloton Digital app on the go, which is included in the $44/month Peloton membership. Peloton users can still enjoy all their favorite live and on-demand classes, including Cycle, Treadmill, Yoga, Barre, Pilates, Strength, and more.

Freebeat only includes an app that can be used with the bike

Additional Peloton & Freebeat Alternatives

Bowflex C6 / Schwinn IC4

bowflex c6 vs freebeat bike e1681647719731
C6 vs Freebeat

Created by Nautilus, the C6, and IC4 offer 100 levels of magnetic resistance and are priced at about $799. Although these models do not include a monitor, they have a console that displays basic metrics, a tablet rest, and a USB charging port. The C6 and IC4 also offer the option to purchase the Bowflex JRNY app, which can be accessed on a smartphone or tablet, and includes options such as instructor-led and scenic rides. 

Check also my detailed, hands-on C6 review!

BODi Bike

Backed by Beachbody, the BODi bike includes various programs and workouts from some of the industry’s most famous instructors. Another unique feature of this bike is the ability for this bike is BODCast. Rather than just attending a live class, the instructor can see you through the unique BODCast feature, where riders can be cheered on or receive real-time feedback. This model also includes friction resistance, which differs from most bikes today. This bike costs $1,399. 

I have tested this bike for a few months, so you can check my detailed BODi bike review, for more information.

NordicTrack S22i

Priced at $1,599, the NordicTrack S22i features automatic resistance, incline, and decline adjustments to mimic ridden terrain. The S22i includes a 22″ rotating touchscreen and a one-year membership to iFit, an app that provides on-demand fitness classes. The iFit trainer helps to adjust your bike up to 20% incline and a -10% decline. 

Who Should Purchase

Who should purchase a Peloton Bike?

The Peloton bike is ideal for beginner, intermediate, and advanced athletes that crave a lot of versatility in their training. If you desire a more robust selection of classes and instructors, it offers live and pre-recorded classes in addition to multiple class formats and music genres. 

Peloton Bike

Maybe the most popular indoor cycle, and for a good reason. Excellent quality with an excellent app for beginners and experts. The only downside it that users cannot change resistance when using apps like Zwift etc.

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Who should purchase a Freebeat Bike?

This bike is all about following the beat of the music and therefore is made for someone that likes riding to the beat of the music. Since Freebeat offers the unique riding experience of playing a game while getting a great workout, this bike is perfect for those looking for a fun yet challenging ride. Purchasers must understand that the music genres and instructor options are limited, and no live classes are currently offered. 

Bottom Line

The Peloton and Freebeat Bikes offer wonderful riding experiences but are designed for different riding personalities. 

Katie Pierson CPT

Katie has been a certified fitness professional for twenty years and holds ten fitness certifications, including Spinning Elite and Personal Training. She has shared her expert knowledge in many fitness outlets like Bicycling & Verywellfit.

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