Rogue Echo Bike vs. Assault Air Bike: Differences & Which is the Best for You

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Quick Summary 

To sum up, both these bikes are relatively straightforward, and as always, it comes down to a few crucial factors. Factors such as budget, fitness levels, fitness goals, space size in your home gym or office, and looks of the bike all play an essential role. 

Overall these bikes are probably one of the best full-body workouts you will ever get. Many top professional athletes across several different sports such as tennis, football, and martial arts, use these bikes to develop strength and cardiovascular dominance at the same time. 

Let’s see how Echo Bike & Assault Bike compare to each other, what are the differences, and what you should know to make the right decision!

Rogue Echo Bike vs. Assault Air Bike

Rogue Echo Bike Review 

Rogue Echo Bike

The Rogue Echo bike blends the design and engineering you'd expect from a top-line manufacturer, which creates a stronger, more robust fan bike.

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The Rogue Echo bike blends the design and engineering you’d expect from a top-line manufacturer, which creates a stronger, more robust air fan bike.

The bike is exceptionally well built and comes with a heavy-duty steel frame that allows the rider smash the pedals and put out maximum watts. Although a heavy beast of a bike, the Rogue Echo is highly convenient, and it provides ease of movement through its 1″ polyurethane built-in wheels.

The belt drive system is super quiet and creates an amazingly smooth and constant ride feel. The LCD screen is state of the art and displays relevant data points such as distance, the number of calories burned, heart rate, track intervals, and much much more.

A two-year warranty is offered for the Rogue Echo, and the frame and moving components should last much longer than that. The warranty kicks off from the time and date of the purchase of the bike. A user guide is also included.

Rogue Echo Detailed Review

The Rogue Echo weighs in at an impressive 130lbs with a maximum weight capacity of 350lbs; yep, this bike is an absolute beast of a machine. The heavy-duty frame is as solid a rock; no bumps, no swaying, and allows the rider to work out with peace of mind.

It is probably one of the best air bikes on the market. The design is essentially a Schwinn Airdyne design fitted out with heavy-duty components giving the bike durability and flexibility. It’s almost as if someone has taken the steel from an aircraft carrier and built a bike out of it.

The belt drivetrain is what sets this bike apart from its competitors, and the quietness is just simply superb. No chains, meaning there is no need for constant, time-consuming, and money-sucking tasks; that’s, let face it, no one wants to perform. The Rogue Echo takes advantage of what is referred to as “self-tensioning belts” that basically require little maintenance.

Quite simply, the Rogue Echo fan bike is the Gold-Standard for fan bikes worldwide.

Echo Bike: Pros & Cons

  • Heavy-duty steel frame, giving the user years of riding pleasure
  • State of the art LCD screen
  • The ability to track critical data points that boost overall athletic performance 
  • The fan belt drive is quiet 
  • Maintenance for the Rogue Echo is minimal 
  • The included rubber wheels make it very easy to move around
  • The cost is a little bit high, but that being said, the value for money is well worth it in my opinion.
  • The bike is quite big, so it’s not ideal for smaller home gyms or offices.

Assault Air Bike Review 

Assault AirBike

The Assault AirBike Classic allows riders to push their workouts to the max with its heavy steel-frame that eliminates side-to-side motion.

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The Assault Airbike is a heavy-duty indoor training fan bike developed over many years in collaboration with some of the best coaches and athletes in the world.

The name says it all; this bike is a solid unit that won’t let you down, mainly due to its pedigree, innovative design, and ergonomic frameset. This bike‘s component is of the highest quality, everything from the pedals to the saddle to the belt drive’s cranks.

The Assault Airbike is thoroughly tested over and over again in their California Headquarters at Lifecore Fitness. The air fan provides an excellent workout because the harder you smash the pedals and push those handlebars, the more challenging your activity. There is no need for adjustments because the training workout is bodyweight-based, meaning whether you’re 300lbs or 150lbs, you still get the best relative workout possible.

The bike is ideals for everyone from professional athletes, military personnel, mums and dads, busy entrepreneurs, and even the younger ones. Even professional road cyclists have been known to use the Assault Airbike because of its total body workout, strengthening the upper body muscles such as the core, shoulders, triceps, and pecs. 

The Assault Airbike, for many, many years, was the industry leader when it came to air fan bikes. The bike is very popular amongst CrossFit athletes and was even used in the Cross Fit games. The bike is similar to a Schwinn but in many ways better; Schwinn became complacent, and the Assault Airbike came in to play and took quite a larger share of the market., putting the wind-up Schwinn, pun intended. 

The air fan provides just the right amount of resistance for every user. Most people admire the moving handlebars that allow for a complete full-body workout, enhancing overall muscle strength and cardiovascular fitness.

Assault Air Bike: Pros & Cons

  • Heavy-duty steel frame
  • Smooth, quiet riding quality
  • The fan provides a refreshing cooling effect.
  • Excellent build quality
  • Ergonomic design
  • Very heavy
  • Not easy to move
  • Quite expensive, but when compared to spinning bikes, it’s actually relatively cheap and probably provides a much more effective and efficient workout

Main Differences Between Echo Bike and Assault Bike

These bikes look very similar to the untrained eye in almost every way; however, when you dig deeper, their pros, cons, and main differences become glaringly obvious.

Durability & Construction Quality

Many consumers have mentioned the heaviness and bulkiness of the Rogue Echo bike and how they feel it has a certain clunkiness. I see it differently, though; It’s a bike that’s incredibly well built, durable, and will provide the user with years of challenging workouts.

The Rogue Echo is also belt-driven, which goes a long, long way in making the ride not only quieter but smoother. In comparison to the Assault bike, many have complained that the chain slips and doesn’t provide confidence during hard bursts. Some users have even reported a significant failure on componentry, meaning the chain has dropped, as mentioned earlier, or completely snapped off.

Wind Direction

Another feature or factor to consider is the Rogue Echo bike seems to direct the wind from the fan more centralized to the user. This makes it perfect for those who live in hot climates; conversely, if you live in cooler temperatures, I suggest opting for the guard, which you can purchase through Rogue. 

Dimensions & Bulkiness

Interestingly enough, although the Rogue Echo is smaller than the Assault bike, it does seem to be a lot more cumbersome and bulky. Handlebar height and width are slightly bigger, which, to be honest, is not ideal for riders of small body shapes such as women. 

Saddle Comfort & Adjustability

Saddles on both bikes are comfortable; however, they are both limited in movement, with the Rogue Echo restricted moving forward while the Assault has the same problem in reverse. If you are a taller, lankier rider such as myself, the saddle position is something you need to consider seriously, especially if you plan on regularly using the bikes.

Taller riders should look to the Rogue Echo, while the shorter rider should probably go with the Assault bike

Responsiveness & Ride Quality

In terms of pure responsiveness and ride quality, the Rogue Echo gets the win in my books. The fan spins very effectively and efficiently, meaning you get a much better response as soon as you smash those pedals. Many “health experts” refer to “ghost calories,” which is a phenomenon whereby riders still accumulate calories after the pedaling has stopped. This is particularly so with air fan bikes as the fan can take quite some time to come to a complete halt.

As with any product, there are pros and cons with the fan spindown; the Assault bike, in my opinion, seems to provide the rider with a much more realistic feel, especially in terms of getting the bike up to speed. I like the feel of the Assault, but this is probably because I come from a road cycling background and thus naturally drift towards a bike that feels realistic.

Echo Bike vs Assault Bike: Which Is The Best For Me? 

As I mentioned earlier, the two main points that any rider needs to take into consideration before purchasing one of these bikes is their ride position; let’s face it, no one wants to be sat on a bike that not only feels uncomfortable but can also lead to serious injury over the longer term.

For me, it’s a 50/50 split, but if I have to choose, I would probably pick the Rogue Echo, but the only reason for that would be I’m a taller rider and more suited to the bike. Smaller riders would definitely find the Assault bike a much more comfortable riding experience. 

Rogue Echo Bike

The Rogue Echo bike blends the design and engineering you'd expect from a top-line manufacturer, which creates a stronger, more robust fan bike.

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Assault AirBike

The Assault AirBike Classic allows riders to push their workouts to the max with its heavy steel-frame that eliminates side-to-side motion.

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