Rogue Echo Bike Review

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When it comes to fitness bikes, the market has been flooded in recent years. 

Choosing a fitness bike has never been more challenging; bikes that have all the latest tech, gadgets, connectivity, ergonomic frames, and seats the list goes on and on.

In this review, we take a look at one of the most talked-about fitness bikes on the market; the Rogue Echo Bike.

The Rogue Echo Bike is an unexpected release by the company. A company known for years for developing some of the best strength training equipment has now decided to try its hand at the world of conditioning bikes.

Rogue Echo Bike Rogue Echo Bike

The Rogue Echo bike blends the design and engineering you'd expect from a top-line manufacturer, which creates a stronger, more robust fan bike.

Pros And Cons

bike I found to be worth the money and those I didn’t.

Things We Like

  • State of the art LCD display
  • Compatible with a variety of heart rate monitors
  • Adjustable seat, allowing you to find a comfortable position
  • Heavy-duty wheels make the bike easy to move around
  • The belt drive system means the echo is maintenance-free
  • High-quality black steel frame look freaking awesome 

Things That Could Be Better

  • The warranty provided is relatively short in time
  • The bike itself is pretty big, making it challenging for women
  • The finance options provided are restricted

Is The Rogue Echo Bike Worth It?

The Rogue Echo is commonly compared with the other leading conditioning bike on the market, the Schwinn Airdyne Pro. 

By looking at both bikes, it is hard to tell them apart, but where the Rogue Echo Bike wins out, in my opinion, is the lower price tag; So you’re getting the same bike for less money; now, who doesn’t want that?

The other prominent feature is the belt drive system, which is quieter than the older chain drive systems. The belt drive is more silent and requires less maintenance, making it perfect for a home or office gym.

Perfect For:

  • Those who appreciate quality build materials
  • Users who are going to be using the bike daily
  • Those looking for a bike that is solid and balanced 
  • People with taller or larger built body types

Not Good For:

  • Shorter people and many women may find it tough to use 
  • Those looking to purchase a compact bike for home

Detailed Review

Primary Specs:

  • Material: Constructed with high-grade quality steel
  • Height: Measured to top of the handles 52.75″
  • Width: Measured to the widest point of the handles 30″
  • Bikes Footprint: 44.5″ x 23.75″
  • Seat: Fully adjustable seat with 13 possible positions
  • Drivetrain: Belt drive
  • Pedal material: Strong, durable metal
  • Tech: Fully customized LCD display [batteries included]
  • Weight limit: 350lbs or 160kgs

rogue echo bike blades


When it comes to impressive well-thought-out features, the Rogue Echo Bike has them in spades, but the most impressive just might be the fan blades. 

Rogue has gone over and above with the construction of the fan blades but to be honest with you; I don’t care; they look and sound fantastic. The fan blades have been powdered coated, and welded to the wheel’s hub inside the cage. This heavy-duty construction should ensure the fan is in excellent working condition for many years to come.

rogue echo bike monitor


The Rogue Echo Bike comes equipped with a fully customizable LCD display screen. 

Having used numerous brands and models of conditioning bikes over the years, I must say the LCD screen on the Rogue Echo Bike is crystal clear. The LCD display is a joy because there’s nothing worse than not seeing the data on the screen while working out.

The data displayed is varied, and users can select to view several different modes, including:

  • Time
  • Calories
  • Distance
  • Workout/rest intervals and my favorite
  • Heart rate tracking [Note: Heart rate monitor is not included]

The buttons are easy to find and select while in the middle of a challenging workout. One factor that could be addressed in future models would be the leaderboard option, popular with other models. All in all, the monitor is fantastic and far beyond what you’ll find on most other models.

rogue echo bike saddle


The humble seat is often overlooked but think about it; it’s arguably the most crucial part of any bike.

A super solid, comfortable seat can make all the difference on a conditioning bike, and the team at Rogue has gone above and beyond to keep your bum comfortable. Users of the Schwinn Airdyne Pro might find the seat familiar; that’s because the saddle is identical to the one found on the Rogue Echo Bike.

The saddle can be adjusted in multiple directions, including forwards and backward and up and down. The pin mechanism used means you can change the seat position quickly, making it perfect for the next user, and means most people should be able to find the correct position.


Drive Train

The drivetrain on the Rogue Echo Bike is a state-of-the-art system that uses a belt instead of the older style drivetrains, which use chains. The most significant benefit of using the belt-driven system is that it makes the bike incredibly quiet to use; trust me, your partner will thank you.

Apart from that, the belt drive system provides a smooth workout experience and means that none of your energy is lost in moving parts that don’t work efficiently. The other notable benefit is that the belt drive is very similar to those used in cars and trucks, making them highly durable and dependable; Just what you want in a workout bike for home.

echo bike construction

Build Quality And Materials

When you’re about to spend a significant amount of money on any product, it’s paramount to do your research. Building quality and construction materials are crucial, particularly for hardcore gym users looking for a fitness bike that can last the test of time.

The Rogue Echo Bike is made from high-quality, long-lasting steel that has been finished in black powder coating that looks awesome. The bike itself is extremely heavy and weighs in at a whopping 145 lbs or 65kgs, meaning the Rogue Echo Bike should stay in tiptop shape for many years to come. 4.5″ steel-made rotating footpegs are also on offer, not to mention the metal pedals.

As previously mentioned, the belt drivetrain is an excellent feature that keeps the bike quiet and is made from high-grade steel blades.

The bike‘s weight means that the Rogue Echo Bike remains stable, solid, and well-balanced even when pushed to its limits. The heaviness of the bike is a nice change, as many of its competitors are lightweight, meaning they can be unstable and unbalanced. 

The Rogue Echo Bike also has comfortable, well-made rubber grips on the handles, which have been welded directly to the frame for added stability and durability.

rogue echo bike wheels

Portability And Construction

The Rogue Echo Bike is a beast weighing in at 145lbs or 65kgs but thanks to the included wheels; it’s surprisingly easy to move around your home or office gym.

The wheels are made from a durable polyurethane material, are a sizeable 1″ wide, and are located at the bike‘s front. The wheels are a convenient feature and make the bike easily portable, even for users who may be smaller in stature.

The Rogue Echo Bike is very straightforward to put together, and even those with no experience at all should find it relatively easy. Inside the box, you’ll find all the required components and tools along with easy step-by-step instructions.

Best Alternatives

Echo Air Bike Vs. Assault Air Bike?

Assault AirBike Assault AirBike

The Assault AirBike Classic allows riders to push their workouts to the max with its heavy steel-frame that eliminates side-to-side motion.

TheAssault Air Bike has been a bike that has stirred much controversy amongst its dedicated users and fitness bike enthusiasts alike. 

As far as excellent alternatives go, the Assault Air bike is second to none and stacks up well compared to the Rogue Echo Bike. The primary difference between the Assault Airbike and the Rogue Echo Bike is the drivetrain systems. The Assault uses the age-old “chain drive” system while the Rogue Echo utilizes the latest in technology using the “belt drive system.

The other significant difference is the weight of the bikes; The Rogue Echo is a monster coming in at 145lbs or 65kgs, while as an alternative, the Assault Airbike weighs in at a lightweight, just under 100lbs or 44kgs.

Both bikes have their pros and cons, and really it all comes down to a matter of factors like personal goals, budget, space, and how often you intend to use it. Once you’ve answered these questions, you can be confident when purchasing either bike.

In times gone the Assault, Airbike was the king of the hill, but the Rogue Echo now sits square;y atop the mountain. 

Rogue Echo Bike vs Assault Air Bike

Echo Air Bike Vs. Schwinn Airdyne Pro

Schwinn Airdyne Pro Schwinn Airdyne Pro

Smooth and quiet, the Schwinn Airdyne Pro is another excellent choice when it comes to looking for an alternative to the Rogue Echo Bike.

The Schwinn Airdyne Pro is another excellent choice when it comes to looking for an alternative to the Rogue Echo Bike.

Like the Rogue Echo, the workout is smooth and quiet, which is a refreshing way to work out from all the other loud bikes. The Schwinn Airdyne Pro is also smaller than the Rogue Echo, making it perfect for women. Some users have complained about the durability of the Schwinn Airdyne Pro, but in all honesty, I’ve never had any issues when using it.

Many of the common problems with the Schwinn Airdyne Pro have been attended to by Schwinn, with the company offering replacement parts and repair kits. Some lucky customers have even received a new bike, which is a credit for how Schwinn treats their customers; no wonder they have such a loyal following.

Overall, the Schwinn Airdyne Pro makes an excellent alternative from one of the most respected names in the industry.

Air Bike vs Rower: How Assault & Airdyne compare to a Rower

Echo Air Bike Vs. Concept 2 Bikeerg

Concept2 BikeErg Concept2 BikeErg

The Concept 2 Bikeerg does come with a fantastic monitor that allows you to customize your workouts fully. The bike itself is also incredibly comfortable, thanks to its dampening settings.

Ok, let’s take a quick look at a couple of the primary differences between the Rogue Echo Bike and the Concept 2 Bikeerg.

The Rogue Echo is what we refer to as a “fan bike” or “air bike,” while the Concept 2 Bikeerg uses an ergometer similar to those found on indoor trainers. Here, the erg controls the resistance of the workout. The Concept 2 Bikeerg is a stationary bike, and the handles do not move as they do on the Rogue Echo.

The Concept 2 Bikeerg does come with a fantastic monitor that allows you to customize your workouts fully. The bike itself is also incredibly comfortable, thanks to its dampening settings.

In the end, these two bikes are entirely different pieces of equipment, so to compare them isn’t fair. If you’re after a full-body workout, then you can’t go past the Rogue Echo Bike; on the other hand, if you’re after something similar to a road bike, then the Concept 2 Bikeerg is right up your alley.

How long does it take to put together a rogue echo bike

Setting up the Rogue Echo Bike should take between 20-30 minutes and is very straightforward even for the clumsiest of people. All of the hardware and tools needed are included when you purchase the bike, and the step-by-step instructions make it impossible to make a mistake when assembling.

What heart monitor works with a rogue echo bike

The Rogue Echo Bike comes equipped with an LCD display that doubles as a heart rate tracker. You will need to purchase a heart rate monitor as they are not included. The Polar heart rate monitors are compatible and can be purchased online through Polar or the Rogue website.

How noisy is the rogue echo bike

Due to the state-of-the-art belt drive system that Rogue Echo Bike uses, the ride is very smooth, efficient, and, most of all, quiet. The Rogue Echo Bike is perfect for those who are looking for a bike for their home or office gym.

Warranty & Return Policy 

As far as warranties, guarantees, and return policies go, to be honest, the Rogue Echo Bike falls short of its competitors, but it’s not all bad. The warranty is for two years and offers free repairs and even replacements for parts that may become defective. You can return the bike, but it must be in its original condition and be returned within 30 days.

Rogue Bike Usual Problems 

The Rogue Echo Bike is a solid, well-built, and ergonomically designed conditioning workout bike that is second to none, in my opinion; that being said, there are some common complaints.

The bike is made from heavy-duty steel, which is exceptional, but some users have noted the bike tends to “squeak” while being pushed to its upper limits.

Some users have mentioned minor problems with the belt drive system, such as slipping, but in my experience, some slipping is expected when pushing any bike to its limits. Let me make it clear; this is not a defect, rather a regular occurrence with any belt-driven bike.

Rogue Echo Bike Accessories 

The Rogue Echo Bike comes equipped with the latest tech gadgets and high-quality components. Still, the company also offers additional accessories that can help take your fitness experience to the next level.

The Echo Bike Wind Guard is a specially designed cover that helps shield and reduces the blowback created by the fan blades; they also do an excellent job of helping deaden the sound of the bike.

Next up is the Echo Bike Phone Holder that screws directly to the bike‘s frame, keeping your phone at arms reach for convenience and safety. 

One of the most useful accessories is the Bottle Cage; when you’re crushing your goals and sweating up a storm, it’s imperative, you stay hydrated. The bottle cages also fit several different types of bottles which is a nice feature.


Where is the rogue echo bike made?

The Rogue Echo Bike is proudly made right here in the USA. Our factory is located in Columbus, Ohio. The company employs more than 600 people and is an integral part of the local community’s job creation and financial stability.

Is the rogue echo bike a full-body workout?

Yes, The Rogue Echo Bike offers a complete full-body workout. It’s also impact-free, allowing you to work out regularly without the fear of injury from sports such as running.

Why is the rogue echo bike so hard?

The Rogue Echo Bike offers such a taxing and challenging workout that even the most hardcore advanced athletes will find demanding. Using both your upper and lower body means that you’re working, using more energy, and burning extra calories.

Is the Rogue Echo bike good for weight loss?

Yes, the Rogue Echo Bike is an excellent conditioning bike for those looking to lose some extra pounds. The full-body workout is challenging and requires more effort than needed to ride a regular stationary bike. 

Can short people use the rogue echo bike?

Yes, Shorter people can still use the Rogue Echo Bike, although it is a little more difficult due to the sheer size and weight of the bike. The seat is fully adjustable, which helps anyone find the correct position.

Our Verdict / Conclusion 

Rogue Echo Bike Rogue Echo Bike

The Rogue Echo bike blends the design and engineering you'd expect from a top-line manufacturer, which creates a stronger, more robust fan bike.

The Rogue Echo Bike is simply one of the best fitness bikes on the market. I highly recommend this bike to anyone looking to improve their physique regardless of fitness level.

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Brenton holds a Degree in Sports Coaching from the University of Delaware and was the former Head Advisor for the Japanese Government's Sports Science Institute. Brenton currently consults with several Professional Athletes and clients in Self- Accountability, Health, and Goal Orientation.

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