Yoeleo R12 Review: My Thoughts After Using The Aero Carbon Bike

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By Robbie Ferri CPT

CPT & Indoor Cycling Instructor

The cycling industry is changing, and we are seeing so many new products hit the market alongside new technologies we just didn’t think years ago we were capable of. The advancements in carbon fiber and electronics have put us in a position where anything is possible. We are seeing more aerodynamic, lighter, faster, and sleeker bikes.

We have been lucky enough recently to try a bike from a company called Yoeleo. They have a huge range of bikes and are making waves in the cycling industry because they offer a premium product for less than half the price of most brands on the market. We have been using one of their R12 Aero Road Racing bikes, and in this article, we’ll tell you all about it.

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Who is Yoeleo?

Yoeleo was founded by a gentleman called Leo and his friends. Their story actually started in 2007 when they were manufacturing OEM cycling parts for other companies. They all had a keen interest in cycling and decided to come together and create the Yoeleo brand. What’s incredible about Yoeleo is the experience they bring to the industry because of their understanding of what other companies are doing.

The company officially started in 2011, and they have been going strong ever since. In the past year, they have made big movements into pro cycling, supporting some professional teams, and we are seeing many amateur cyclists winning various races on Yoeleo bikes. 

Yoeleo R12 front view

Is the Yoeleo R12 Worth it?

The Yoeleo R12 is an incredible machine that boosts excellent specifications for a very low cost. The bike is light, fast, and very responsive. To better understand this bike, it’s vital to break it down.

Detailed Review

Specification (R12 Pro)

  • T800 Carbon Fiber Frame and Forks
  • Yoeleo Sat 50mm Carbon Fiber Wheelset
  • Shimano Ultegra R8000
  • Hydraulic Disc Brakes
  • Carbon Handlebars and Seat Post
  • 8.35KG Weight

Frame and Forks

The frame and fork on the Yoeleo R12 are one of the highlights of this bike. The T800 carbon fiber frame is very lightweight and extremely stiff and responsive. It comes in eight different colors, and each is paired with a black base. Ours came in a Chameleon custom color which flicks different colors depending on the amount of light on the bike. The bike looks incredibly clean, and the only cable visible is on the rear chainstay to the derailleur. Everything else is completely hidden, and it just looks incredible.

 The bike feels excellent to ride either short or long distances, and we have taken this bike on more than one 10-hour ride. The geometry is a mix between road racing and endurance and seems to work well regardless of duration. The bike comes in various sizes, from 43cm to 59cm. The bike is made for you, so you have to pick your handlebar length too, and we love the fact they make these considerations for the rider.

One of our concerns was with a bike that looks so modern, was it going to be difficult to work on? Compared to other modern bikes on the market, such as a Giant TCR, the bike was really easy to make all the adjustments you might need to, such as saddle, handlebars, and even first assembly out of the box didn’t take long to get it together. We love the fact they use thru axles on their bikes, making it easy to get the wheels on and off. What really impressed us also was the max tire clearance of this frame and fork was 32c, much higher than most road racing bikes.

Yoeleo R12 forks


Then we have the groupset, and Yoeleo makes the bike with three different models. The Standard R12 has Shimano R7000 mechanical, the R12 Pro has a mechanical Shimano Ultegra Groupset, and the R12 Pro Di2 has the Shimano Ultegra Di2 electronic shifting system. The bike we were lucky enough to use was the R12 Pro with the Shimano Ultegra mechanical.

Ultegra is one of Shimano’s most popular level groupsets, and the R8000 has been the go to groupset for amateur riders who want the best value for money they can get. This model has an 11-speed cassette on the rear and a double chainset on the front, so you have 22 gears in total. It has a huge range which is going to make getting up hills quickly and easily and also downhill easily. 


The Yoeleo R12 comes with Shimano hydraulic disc brakes and they are excellent. They have the ability to stop you on a pin and in all conditions. They are very easy to maintain, and parts are very easy to get when the eventual service comes round. The industry moving forward is typically using disc brakes much more than rim brakes, and it’s great to see Yoeleo so ahead on this. 

Yoeleo R12 brakes

Wheels and Tires

One thing that is very surprising about the Yoeleo is the fact that, as standard, it comes with carbon fiber wheels. This is a huge boost from Yoeleo as if you were looking at other bikes in its price range, they are all aluminum and have nowhere near close as far as specification goes. 

The wheels are 50mm deep, and this is going to give excellent ability when it comes to climbing but also an aerodynamic advantage when it comes to riding on the flat too. When purchasing the bike, you actually get to pick the hubs you want the bike to have. You can upgrade to 411/412 Novatec hubs or even further to DT Swiss hubs which are incredible and sound amazing.

The wheels are equipped with 28c Continental Grandsport tires. They feel great to ride and sit in the frame very well. We have covered 1500 miles and are yet to see a puncture. Suppose you want to use tubeless tires. You can with these wheels. The wheels feel very responsive, and the noise they make is incredible when up at high speeds.

Yoeleo R12 wheels and tyres

Finishing Kit

When we speak about finishing kits, we’re speaking about seat post, stem, and handlebars. Yoeleo has really come out of the shell here, and it makes the bike feel very special. The first thing to mention is the seat post. This is made to be incredibly aerodynamic and lightweight. It’s easy to adjust up and down with a bolt on the top tube, and you can also easily adjust the saddle level and reach on a clamp at the top.

The handlebars and stem are fully integrated and made of carbon fiber. When you order the bike, you pick the length of the stem and also the width of the handlebars. They are super smooth and look very clean. The cables come fully routed through them when you first get them. If you do want to use standard handlebars, then you have the option to replace them with a regular stem and handlebar. This would come in handy if you ever wanted to use aero bars. 

The saddle impressed us too. Typically when you buy a bike, you get an old style saddle which quickly gets changed out when you build the bike. It looked excellent, so I decided to try the standard model for a few weeks and was actually quite impressed. It was a short stubby racing saddle made for sit bone seating and similar to the Specialized Power or Pro Stealth. It won’t be for everyone, but I did like the fact it was of high quality.

Yoeleo R12 Drivetrain


Probably the best thing about Yoeleo bikes is the price. If you were to look for something from one of the main brands with a similar specification, then you are looking at spending nearly double. With bikes getting very expensive and the cost of raw materials getting very high, it’s great to see a company who are offering a premium product at a much lower cost compared to other brands. These are currently the prices on the Yoeleo website.

  • Yoeleo R12 Standard 105: $3800
  • Yoeleo R12 Pro Ultegra: $4240
  • Yoeleo R12 Pro Di2 Ultegra: $5650


Then we have the warranty and when it comes to buying overseas a lot of people ask whether they offer any. Yoeleo, as standard, offers a three-year warranty on its product. Even more so you can actually upgrade this to a lifetime warranty for an extra $300. This is a huge amount of warranty even as standard and a lot more than big brands offer. 


If you are interested in a Yoeleo, after ordering you will have a wait time of a couple of weeks + while they build it for you. This is because they have to start from scratch with every order when it comes to handlebars and stem etc. It’s not the next day but it is a bike with some unique features for you.

Yoeleo R12 front drivetrain

What about Yoeleo’s other Bikes?

Yoeleo has a good range of other bikes to offer. Although they used to do mountain bikes, triathlon bikes, and track bikes, currently, they really only focus on road and gravel bikes. They offer a few different road bikes and a gravel bike. They have plans to make more in the future but are keeping the focus on the road and gravel market.

BikeYoeleo R12Yoeleo R11Yoeleo R21
Carbon GradeT800T1000T800
Weight Frame + Fork950g + 390g900g + 390g1050g + 450g
Wheels50/50 Sat Carbon50/50 Sat Carbon50/50 Sat Carbon
Price (Mech Pro)$4240$4240$3900
Warranty3 Years3 Years3 Years

A little bit about the other bikes

Yoeleo’s bikes are similar in price, and the differences between them are subtle. In this next section, we thought it would be beneficial to look through the differences between the R11, R12, and the R21 in case any of these other bikes will suit you more. Equipment wise, they all have a Standard, Pro, and Pro Di2 level on each bike which means you get a different groupset. 


If you’re looking for a bike for climbing mountains quickly, the R11 will be your best bet. Out of all the Yoeleo bikes, it is by far the lightest. It uses T1000 carbon which is a higher grade than the T800 on the other bikes. The tubing is smaller because it is stronger, and they are less worried about aerodynamics and more concerned about making it lighter. It’s an incredible bike, and for the people who live in hillier areas, it’s ideal for the edge on your competition.


The R21 was released in 2021. Unlike the R11 and R12, the R21 is much less aerodynamic and has a more endurance style geometry. It is slightly heavier but does come in at a cheaper price. If you’re planning on doing big miles and happy having a couple of hundred extra grams on your frames for a little bit of spare cash in your pocket, then this is the bike for you.


Another bike to mention is Yoeleo’s G21. This is their premium gravel bike. It has a low-slung drop chainstay frame and is made to take bigger tires, so you have the ability to hit the trails fast. They have released it recently, and it offers all the quality of the road bikes but has the ability to tackle very rough terrain.

Yoeleo R12 Rear Drivetrain zoom out


In my history as a cyclist, I have ridden many different bikes. From working in a bike shop to actually working with some of the top brands in the industry, I have been lucky enough to have had a taste of the best companies can offer. I wasn’t sure what to expect when getting the Yoeleo R12. I had heard good things, but I typically always held judgment until I got the chance to ride one myself. Each year they gather more and more momentum, and we are seeing more on the road.

In my expert opinion, Yoeleo is making a premium product at half the cost of the industry giants, and because of this, they are making waves in the industry. The R12 really impressed me, it not only was incredibly quick, but it was very comfortable, and every time I rode it, I found going fast felt so much easier than it had done before with any other bikes that I have had.

I have been riding the Yoeleo for about 2-3 months in total, and I still am very impressed by the R12, and each time I ride it, I continue to enjoy it. It’s incredible value for money and ticks every box for me personally. There’s only one thing that lets it down, in my opinion, the fact you have to wait for a few weeks for it to turn up, apart from that I can’t fault it.

Yoeleo R12 spokes


Are Yoeleo’s Chinese Carbon?

They are actually made from Chinese Carbon like all brands are. They are of a very high quality and are strength tested to the same standards as bikes from the bigger brands. On the Yoeleo website, they have all the videos of the tests, and they are an incredible watch.

Are the Yoeleo Wheels UCI approved?

Yes, they are UCI approved and used in many professional competitions currently. They actually go above and beyond the standard required.

Which Yoeleo is for me?

If you live in a flat area, I would recommend the R12, if you live in a hilly area, I would recommend the R11. If you want to ride off-road and gravel, the G21.

Robbie Ferri CPT

Robbie from “Riding with Robbie” is a Personal Trainer living in in Norfolk, UK. He has bikepacked all over the World, and also raced ultra distance at a top-level. He has worked closely with industry leaders such as Shimano.

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