How to Fit an Exercise Bike in A Small Apartment & Tips to Make it Quiet

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By Robbie Ferri CPT

CPT & Indoor Cycling Instructor

When it comes to indoor cycling, the biggest benefit of owning your own bike is to workout at home. Interestingly, many people say they don’t have the space or find bikes a little too noisy for their apartments.

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There are many solutions to these problems, and you will be surprised at the difference our tips and tricks can make to help fit a spin bike into a small apartment and make it quiet. In this article, were going to be discussing:

  • Understanding Modern Spinning Bikes
  • How To Fit An Exercise Bike In A Small Setting
  • How To Make Your Exercise Bike Quieter
  • Frequently Asked Questions

Understanding Modern Spinning Bikes

Before we get into the bulk of this article, it’s important to understand modern spinning bikes. As you might know, they come in all different shapes and sizes. Bikes such as the NordicTrack S27i and Peloton Plus bikes are not small, and with big screens sticking right out front, they are not always the best option if you are struggling for space and need to move them around.

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It’s important to understand there’s a huge range of lesser-known bikes out there that are much smaller and easier to work with in smaller spaces. Bikes such as the Bowflex C6, Keiser M3i, and the Sunny SB1709 are very friendly options if you live in smaller spaces and need to move them around often.

How To Fit An Exercise Bike In A Small Setting

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Here’s the advice on how we recommend fitting an exercise bike in a small setting:

1. Pick A Smaller Bike

The first thing you need to do is pick a smaller bike. Bikes that have tablet stands on the front, compared to screens, are much shorter and have smaller wheelbases making them easier to move around. 

2. Make It Smaller

If you’re not using a bike, it’s a good idea to make it smaller. We don’t mean by taking it apart but by adjusting it on the seat and handlebars to be much more compact. You can save a huge amount of space this way. 

3. Rearrange Other Parts Of The Room

Finally, another great tip is to rearrange the room for more space. A great way to save space is to have things against the wall. For example, if your bed is in the center of the room, push it into the corner, and that could be enough space to fit a bike, although your bed will be less accessible. 

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How To Make Your Exercise Bike Quieter

One of the biggest issues many indoor cyclists face is noise level when they are training at home. Here are our top tips for a quieter workout:

1. Pick A Quiet Bike

Not all bikes are noisy and will wake up your neighbors. Using a bike with magnetic resistance or a large flywheel is going to make the experience much quieter and have much less vibration.

2. A Solid Base

If you are on the ground floor, that is better and will make a big difference to the noise levels compared to upstairs. If you don’t have a choice, getting into the corner of a room near load-bearing walls can help keep it quieter.

3. Set It Up Correctly

Next, it’s important to have the bike correctly set up. Ensure all bolts are nice and tight and nothing is loose. Then it would be best if you focused on the feet being nice and level, as that can make a big difference. 

4. Remove Vibrations

Finally, focusing on removing vibrations really helps. Using thick matting under the bike might make it feel a little spongy, but it will zap the bike of the vibrations that make all the noise. Never underestimate the power of a decent mat. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much space do I need for a stationary bike?

Surprisingly enough, you don’t need much; about 1m by 1.5m is generally enough to fit a spinning bike.

How can I hide my exercise bike in my living or bedroom?

The real question is, do you need to hide your exercise bike? If it’s a big part of your life and you use it often, it can be in your bedroom or living room.

Where should I put my exercise bike in my house?

If you have options, we recommend having it down the stairs on the ground floor in a well-ventilated room. 

Can an exercise bike sit on a carpet?

You can have an exercise bike on the carpet, but it can dent the carpet, and if you sweat a lot, it will make it a bit smelly. 

Robbie Ferri CPT

Robbie from “Riding with Robbie” is a Personal Trainer living in in Norfolk, UK. He has bikepacked all over the World, and also raced ultra distance at a top-level. He has worked closely with industry leaders such as Shimano.

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